Bum Wine Of The Week - MD 20/20 Dragon Fruit

Need a remedy for your Thanksgiving turkey hangover?  Crack open a bottle of MD 20/20 Dragon Fruit and all your pain will go away!

Dragon Fruit was the final bottle of MD 20/20 that I had left from my trip to Ocean City, Maryland in September, so it was time to finally crack it open for a special taste test on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat. If you missed this week episode you can check out it out here or listen to the link in the bottom of the post.

Just like the bottle says, it has a very enjoyable fruity flavor to it that goes down smooth. This one ranks towards the top of the list, but it's hard to choose a favorite between the two newcomers to the MD 20/20 party. Pick up a bottle in your travels and let us know your thoughts!

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