Beer Of The Week - Schaefer Beer

The 2017 bWb budget beer tours rolls on with another classic beer that's made it's way back on to store shelves with Schafer! 

Schaefer beer has been around since 1842 and calls itself  "America's Oldest Lager Beer". While Schaefer has bounced around from different companies over the years, Pabst Brewing Company currently brews a "reformulated" Schaefer beer that is available in select markets. I was lucky enough to pick up a 12 pack for only $8.99 so we were already off to a good start. Coming in at 4.6% ABV. it's a bit on the lighter side, so you can enjoy a few of these in one sitting.

"Schaefer beer steps up to the bar with ordinary ingredients, but extraordinary flavor. Brewed with common six-row varieties of malted barley, Schaefer accentuates its total complexity with six varieties of hops, all blended with perfect balance and harmony. A complement to any dinner or party, Schaefer brings quality and excellence to the table." -

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