The Krude Experience - Has It Been 24 Years?

Has It Been 24 Years?

Years are flying by in the world of Krude. It seems like only yesterday I was getting some serious ass from a hot assed model broad in a tight dress.  Actually,it was yesterday. Just a different year and hair color. But to get some fresh rock music from a band that hasn't released a new album in 24 years is something special. Special cuz this new album rocks balls. Thank you Circus Of Power.

Circus Of Power is originally a NYC based rock from the late 1980's. I used to catch their shows back then at places like the Cat Club,Limelight,Studio One,Downtown etc... They released two of my all time favorite albums.The self titled debut and Vices. Both are classics. And to now have a new release from COP makes me think how quickly time has flown by. The last time I bought a new Circus Of Power album was in 1993 and the album was Magic and Madness. Decent album. Probably known best for the guest musicians who appear on it (look it up).

The new COP is titled Four. It contains new tunes and few older songs from singer Alex Mitchell's solo bands. All in all,a great rock album. It's the tits. Believe it. Yeah!!!

Then along comes a new album from another band that I haven't seen live since 1993. Warrior Soul. 

Warrior Soul have been releasing albums steadily since the early 90's.The only mainstay of WS is singer Kory Clarke.The new album is called Back On The Lash. Another winning rock album for 2017.Last time I saw WS was at the Cat Club NYC opening for Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) in 93. Great show. Lars Ulrich claims to be a big fan of WS. I GOT YOUR ROCK!! Kory Clarke calls this new tune hard. Highly recommended. Go for it! 

If you make it another 24 years from today,remember the tunes that are keeping you solid. Those tunes will mean a bunch to you in 2041. Trust me. Cheers. 

Got hard,if u want it



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