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The Super Bowl is now upon us. How fitting in 2018 that we have Patriots going against Eagles while billions of people are watching live around the world from their easy chairs. Tom Brady (clean cut,family man superstar QB) versus Nick Foles (Jesus insprired,Cinderella story journeyman QB). Perfect textbook match up. No heels to be found in this contest. Everybody watching is a Winner.How in the fuck did this squeaky clean,Roger Goodell wet dream of a Super Bowl really happen? Just look to the money trail. Or look to the lack of $ trail. The NFL officials are the people making this game happen. And they have completely influenced MANY pro football games over the past few years. NFL refs essentially get paid squat for their services and have to work real jobs in the off season to make ends meet. Only airplane pilots and airport security work a more important and ultimately thankless job than NFL refs. The fix is in. Believe it. For You.

I seem to remember a few games that I openly questioned for being 'fixed' while I was watching them. Then to find the video footage of said games only fuels the fire. And to have somebody (NFL,Google,YouTube,Kris Kobach, etc...) delete a recent Krude tweet containing video proof of a fix only solidifies my overall stance.So here are some of the obvious examples of NFL refs fixing games to their liking. 

Disclaimer: If these links get censored in any way, it is of no fault of or Kapn Krude.

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers  
January 19, 2014

This game let the Seahawks advance to cold weather Snoopy Stadium. I guess Kaepernick was hated then as well

Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers
January 11, 2015

This is a case of sweet faced Aaron Rodgers getting the duke over that toothy fossil Jerry Jones. Looks like a catch to me (and the ref standing right there)

Detroit Lions vs Chicago Bears 
September 12, 2010

Detroit Lions are the bastard step child of the NFL. Curse of Bobby Layne isn't the only thing putting the screws to the Lions

Oakland Raiders vs Dallas Cowboys 
December 17,2017

Now props are used to fix outcomes

And who was the ref for all these games?

Gene Steratore

Same fella that will ref this year's Super Bowl.

He will probably call an even contest this time to fuck with us all and....

Nick Foles will go to Disney World

Happy Super Sunday!

Fuck Mike Pereira



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