Beer Of The Week - Bud Light Platinum

Are you ready for a special Thirsty Thursday beer of the week? With Super Bowl LII just days away, I figured we should get a head start on the big game festivities and throw out a special treat for the readers of to enjoy! I might get some complaints on this one, but I know many others will enjoy it.

Bud Light Platinum first arrived on shelves in January 2012 with quite an amount of fanfare, but like many of Anheuser-Busch InBev's other products it's cooled down over the years. There were rumors in 2016 that Bud Light Platinum would be discontinued due to declining sales, but as of now in 2018 it's still available for purchase nationwide.

While it's labeled as "Bud Light", it's really nothing like it. I wouldn't classify it as a "light" beer since it comes in at 137 calories, but I guess technically it still is since it has eight fewer calories than regular Budweiser.

The big selling point here is the 6% ALC/VOL. That puts Bud Light Platinum near the high gravity beverages and malt liquors of the world, but it's not quite at their level. Some people say it's a little too sweet for their liking, but overall I think it's an enjoyable beverage. It goes down smooth and has a little bit of an extra kick to get a good buzz going without sending you over the edge too quick.

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  1. Been enjoying this since a marketing test in my area previewed it back in 2011, it's still classified as a premium beer at local bars. Costs more than Bud light but gets the job done faster and cheaper than buying pitchers of Bud light or cases if drinking at home. Comes in Tall cans, Quarts, Bottles


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