The Krude Experience - In The Dynamite Jet Saloon

In The Dynamite Jet Saloon

Looks like Krude's been listening to the most underrated singer/songwriter/artist this side of Mecca. Tyla J Pallas is his name. And I'm using snippets of his song lyrics to create this Krude Experience. Any fan of The Dogs D'Amour will know the song behind the words (in italics). If you don't,just look up the Dogs on the interweb,grab a bottle of high proof goodness,and enjoy the ride.

'Your exuberant taste for a lady,she drinks tequila from a wretched life'

Krude had to pull the plug on a recent relationship. Sad,yes. Very high highs. And very low lows. Maybe in another life...

'Their hearts caught fire,he dropped a cigarette in her lap.He was a total mess but he made her laugh'

Sometimes using natural charm and diplomacy will get you places you might not have been expecting to go. Selling is life. Perception is reality.

'As the preacher stumbles from his castle of sin. His vision gets distorted from the bottle within'

Too much shit talking going on in this world. If it ain't true,its false. Period. No spinning. No grinning. No againing.

'I want to be like Errol Flynn. Captain Blood was a whore'

Hedonism isn't a bad thing. But to the hedonistic amateurs of the world,a tolerance to naughty behavior must be established. Dying or crying too soon is never good.

'You can't burn the devil or compete with him You don't play with fire and hope to win'

Politics and sports gambling have a lot in common. It's who you know. Insider information is the true way of the world. Everything else is a sucker bet.  

'If your scared of dying,just close your eyes. The demons will disappear if you give them time'

Depression is the real cause of most of the ills in the world. Wars and conflicts wouldn't be started if people were of sound mind. True love or extra Zoloft usually does the trick

'Destiny angel,her breath smelled of mine.My skin of Wild Turkey. Or lipstick and wine'

Another day in the life of Krude. Cheers!

Three chords and the truth...



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