The Krude Experience - Asswipes


With the word 'shit' being the most operable word in the English language,scatological humor is often high on the Krude list of hearty laughter material.It is easy to flip a cuss word into maximum comedic effect,with a simple s - bomb. Timing and phrasing..... And effective cleansing properties. I digress. Naturally.

Leave it to Fresh Body LLC to create a new product that helps with rectal cleansing issues and make somebody chuckle over the name. I wrote a Krude Experience blog about Fresh Body LLC a few years ago proclaiming my love for their Fresh Balls product. This time I profess my love for Asswipes It's a logical progression from balls to ass personal hygiene.

While hitting the Fresh Body website to order more Fresh Balls for summertime, I discovered their latest product Asswipes. Basically,Asswipes are like normal moist wipes but are flushable. What sets Asswipes apart from the field is the quality and the lack of scent.No alcohol either.That's a big plus. Asswipes just blow away the competition.It's  an overall better way to wipe yourself clean (for any part of the body). The name and packaging alone could sell this product. But the wipes are top notch. And I'm a wipes freak. Carry them everywhere I go (I nearly died from septicemia,need to keep my hands clean as possible).

Fresh Balls is perfect for hot,sweaty summer days. Asswipes are perfect for any kind of day. Swamp ass and sweaty ball sack no more. Krude approved. Thank you Fresh Body LLC

High n' dry


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