Beer Of The Week - Icehouse 5.5%

Happy Summer! It was last July when I came across one of the final six packs of the 6.9% ABV Icehouse after it was announced they would be dropping the ABV back down to it's original 5.5% ABV. Why make the change from 5.5% to 6.9% in the first place? It's one of those mysteries of life people, but here we are almost a year later finally featuring the Icehouse 5.5% ABV offering!

The original plan was to name the Icehouse 5.5% as last weeks bWb beer of the week, but after the special request from the 8bitbros for Icehouse EDGE to be featured we took a slight detour and finally made it!

I wanted to do a side by side taste test of the 5.5% ABV and the 6.9% ABV, but that would have required me to keep a beer in my fridge for almost a year without drinking it, and we all knew that wasn't going to happen. The 5.5% goes down smooth with the first sip and is a very enjoyable beer to enjoy. The Plank Road Brewery has been doing this since 1855, so you know what you're getting with this one.

"Ice brewed for a bolder never watered-down taste you can enjoy in every sip." -

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