Bumming with Matt-Man and Jayman from IWS Radio

Hold the phones! Matt-Man and Jayman from IWS Radio have FINALLY made it as official guests on Bumming with Bobcat! You might have heard them call in separately to the bumcast over the years, but for the first time EVER they are joining the show at the same time!

Both men are former BWB NFL Pick'em Champions and some even consider them the gold standard of internet radio with their 467 episodes and counting of I'm With Stupid!

The drinks are flowing and nothing is off limits. What are the best of the worst of the good the bad and the sudsy? How many times can Matt complain about the long delay before getting an official invite to be on the podcast? You never know where the conversation will go!

Icehouse 5.5% is the bumwinebob.com beer of the week! If you haven't done so already, be sure to check it out and enjoy!

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All that and MORE featured on this weeks episode! Grab a drink and give it a listen. Cheers!

Listen to "Bumming with Matt-Man and Jayman from IWS Radio" on Spreaker.

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