The Krude Experience - Dirty Dudes

Dirty Dudes

Nothing says Krude more than a rock gig at a cool bar with a great musical band.

The Bowery Electric in NYC is a cool bar which books awesome rock shows all the time. I get email updates of their concert schedule every week. So when an email was sent to me the week of June 10,2018 from Bowery Electric,I naturally read it. As it was,their entertainment for the night of 6/17/18 (Father's Day) was a band that calls itself GayC/DC. So with some Krude internet due diligence,I got the inside skinny on what a GayC/DC was.

GayC/DC is an AC/DC tribute band with a twist. 4 gay men and 1 straight guy is the bands' makeup. They dress in a flamboyant drag queen way. They play a mix of AC/DC songs with song lyrics altered to reflect gay themes. All this is performed by talented musicians who can play the shit out of any AC/DC tune ever made.

Apparently,this was the first gig for them outside of California. GayC/DC opened their set with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.Keeping with their manly themes,they changed the lyrics to 'Dirty Dudes Done Dirt Cheap'. Other classics played were Shoot to Thrill,Touch Too Much,Bad Boy Boogie,Thunderstruck etc... GayC/DC altered some key song lyrics and brought the rock Hard. Their Angus Young inspiried guitarist was soloing all over the bar. The singer chugged a third of a Southern Comfort fifth bottle in one gulp The bassist suctioned a large dildo to his bass. And confetti (Rip Taylor style) flew throughout the set. This was an over the top party with a cool soundtrack. In the key of A. For $10. Yes! Awesome show!

Listening to an old AC/DC gig from the late 70s while writing this blog. Hearing the mighty Bon Scott and a very energetic band behind him made me think that Bon was somehow overseeing the entire GayC/DC gig I saw. These guys are the real deal. Rocking,entertaining,and dare I say it: ballsy. If AC/DC is done performing as a band,GayC/DC is more than worthy to fill that rock n' roll vacancy.


...with feather boas

Krude approved

And I'm sure Bon approved


Love at First Feel,


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