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Action Park

For those who are aware of what Action Park was/is,this blog is for you. Especially if you never went there.

Action Park has been in the news more these days than it was back in the 1980's. Movies, documentaries, blogs etc... have all been reminiscing about the good/bad old days of Action Park. Krude went to the infamous water park a dozen times back in its real heyday. And never got hurt. Thus begins my Action Park experience Krude Experience blog. Sponsored by Betadine solution 

Going to Action Park was a yearly event for me and my New Jersey living friends from 1983-1991. The other major theme park in NJ, Great Adventure is the more conservative place to spend a whole day. So trips to Action Park were always meant to be a physically taxing day of water themed bliss. You knew that you would be walking up mountain sides (barefoot on canvas mats on top of sizzling asphalt) and climbing 5 story wood staircases to the taller water slides. All in direct sunlight hovering around 95 degrees. Being young and in shape had its benefits when going to AP. I couldn't even think about doing a day there now. I would probably do the speed slide once then hang out at the lodge bar for the rest of day. Krude bones be spent. Mahalo.

The attractions at Action Park are what made the park stuff of legend. Kamikaze,Cannonball, Tarzan Swing,  were the most popular water attractions there. I preferred the Speed Slide. Though it was a wise choice to clinch butt cheeks on the way down (to avoid 20 gallon enemas). It was awesome. The Alpine slide was great as well.Concrete track and a plastic sled. You had to take a ski lift to the top of the mountain to ride back down on the sled. Me and my friends never wiped out on the Alpine slide. But we did see people who did. I guess they forgot how to brake.

The Cannonball slide was cool. Actually very cold. The water you ended up in was freezing. Plus, before you got on the slide, a barely teenage kid who worked there would hose your backside with the same freezing water. Then you would slide at top speed in an darkened, enclosed tube until you saw daylight. Then a 20 foot plunge into very cold water. Damn.That was fun. I miss that.

Across the street from the water rides was Motor World at Action Park. This area included Mini Indy Cars, Bumper Boats, Go Karts and tanks that fired tennis balls,among other things. The Mini Indy cars were the tits. You had to have a drivers license (and pay a little extra) but it was worth the line you would wait on. Bumper boats were ok. Go karts were cool. But the overall area of Motor World was super hot and reeked of fuel and exhaust fumes. It was tough to wait on line in that area. Best to go here early in the day before the temperature started to rise.

The Wave pool area is the most notorious of all Action Park attractions. People drowned due to overwhelming waves being created there. Very sad to hear that news in the 80's. I went into the Wave pool twice over the years. It wasn't something that I really wanted to do at Action Park. Though most people seemed to like it.

Another bonus to going to Action Park was the booze stands throughout the park. It was always easy to get a cold beer from anywhere in the park. Even if you were underage, getting a coldie wasn't an issue. Somebody older would spot you. We did the same once we became 21 years old as well. Gotta pass on the tradition....

And that leaves Krude down to the biggest enigma at Action Park: The Looping slide. The Looping slide was built in the mid 80s. And stood in its location for as long as I went there. Yet,I never saw the ride open. Every time we went to AP, we would walk over to the Looping slide and ask an employee about its availability to be used. We always heard the same speech: "it's not open yet today, maybe later". There was no later. Ever. I never got to go on the Looping slide. Though we heard the stories about the people who lost teeth testing the ride. That didn't bother us at the time. Doesn't bother me now either.

I hear Action Park has been reopened for a few years now. Maybe I'll take a ride there and check it out. And I'll buy some 17 year old kids some beer for old time's sake. Cheers!

Lived to tell,


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