Bum Wine Of The Week - MD 20/20 Red Grape Wine

It might not be as flashy as some other bum wines, but it's time to finally induct MD 20/20 Red Grape Wine as the special Bum Wine Bob Birthday Bum Wine Of The Week

With this induction we have now officially covered and inducted all the current MD 20/20 varieties  listed as available for purchase on md2020wine.com as bumwinebob.com bum wines of the week. I know there are still a few others that still might be floating around on shelves, but this is the last one I have readily available to me.

I had been holding off on MD 20/20 Red Grape Wine for awhile since it's technically a bum wine, but it's not on the same level as the other varieties of MD 20/20. There's nothing exciting about it's name or flavor. It's more like a simple table wine that got mixed up in the wrong crowd. Just imagine if Wild Irish Rose Red and the Night Train Express had a baby. It comes in at 13% ABV and has a little bit more of a burn going down compared to over varieties of MD 20/20, but not as extreme as some of the higher alcohol content bum wines like a Night Train Express.

"The king of grape with rich flavors of dark fruit." 
- md2020wine.com

The 2018 Bum Wine Bob Birthday Trifecta!
Just as we finished covering all the classic MD 20/20 varieties, word came out yesterday that the The 20/20 Wine Company has announced NEW MD 20/20 Cans! What does this mean for the bum wine world? Stay tuned for more details about these bad boys as they become available!

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