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The Originals

Krude is an Original pats self on back. I've been totally myself for as long as I can remember. So I do expect most things related to my life to be of the most purest,unfettered quality.This includes many different items of Krude interest. In this blogs' case: hard copy music. You know, music form you can actual hold in your hands. And see airbrushed photos of your favorite artists in the liner notes. Or roll a joint on or cut a line on top of.

***Fuck Apple, Itunes, Spotify, and any other streaming only service. They all suck hard. And suck often.

Audiophiles are a strange bunch. They must listen to music without any limitations to their tonal tastes. Krude kinda falls into this category. I just am more discriminating about my choice to hear a recording artist in their most pristine aural state.

This gets me to finding original mixes of different albums I have purchased in the past. Most music from the 1950's and upwards has been remastered and remixed for release on compact disc or HD download. This is all fine and dandy if you've never heard the original version. Krude has heard all music of my interest previous to the cd age in its original mix (meant for vinyl or tape).Hence the issue I have finding original mixes of the tunes I cherish. But Krude being Krude, I get the job done. Spin to win. Yes!

8 Way Santa

Krude has previously blogged about my love for all things Tad. Scoring an original Sub Pop cd version of 8 Way Santa is a solid find. The sound is more true to the masters (not over compressed for volume). And add the cool banned album cover to the superior sound and you have a Seattle grunge winner.

Allied Forces

Canada's other awesome hard rock trio created a rock masterpiece in 1981 with Allied Forces. Triumph also latched onto cd technology early on and this cd printed in 1984 is testimony to that. Very even sounding mix like vinyl,but without the usual vinyl limitations (don't ask, just listen to old vinyl). Magic power indeed.

Revolting Cocks
Beers,Steers,and Queers

An all time classic album from Al Jourgensen and friends back in 1990. This album has been re-released a few times since then. Yet no new product can the sound as good as the original Wax Trax Records cd. The newer releases sound way too loud - a common problem with many current re-releases.

And then comes along the need for horrible sounding original cd's to be remastered for the better. Case in point: Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses. This album never sounded good on any medium when it was released in 1987. It took 31 years for somebody to screw with the master tapes and create the ultimate version of the ultimate rock album. I recently downloaded the 24bit version and think it sounds awesome. Krude approved.

Ditto for Sly and the Family Stone. Their Greatest Hits album/cd always sounded like shit. But recently,a superior 24bit HD download was released and sounds sublime. Dance To The Music!!!

Vinyl, cd, tape, download, etc... whatever floats yer boat. Just never settle for inferior product intentionally designed to be a quick cash grab. Happy listening!

Seeing with my ears,


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