Cult Moo & Behind The Bar Twisted Tea Blueberry and Tropical Co-Review

On this episode of The Bro Beer Reviews we're trying out tropical and blueberry flavored Twisted Teas, and we are also co-reviewing these with Behind The Bar Liquor Reviews, who sent us these bro beers!

Twisted Tea Blueberry & Tropical 5% abv - Behind The Bar Co-Review

 Behind The Bar Review

Cult Moo asked us to do a special cross channel review of these two flavors, and a couple guests stopped by to help!

Co-review of Twisted Tea Tropical and Blueberry with Cult Moo!

Want more beer reviews and food challenges in your life? Check out the guys from Cult Moo at their Youtube page and stay tuned to for new reviews each week! Cheers!

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