Tall Boy Thursday - NFL Week 7 - Natural Light

Surprisingly, Natty Light is a beer that I haven't enjoyed in quite some time, so now is the perfect time to light up week 7 of the NFL season at bumwinebob.com for Tall Boy Thursday!

Who has the lead in the BWB NFL Pick'em league heading into week 7?

Check out the current standings as we kickoff week 7!

While TeePublic might have gotten the DMCA Takedown Notice from World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. to remove the classic bWb logo designs from their sites, the classic bWb shirts are still available on What A Maneuver! 

Order yours NOW while you still can and I will include a FREE bWb foam can koozie!

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Bumming with Bobcat has made the move to Spreaker for all future live broadcasts and podcasts! Stay tuned for an official schedule, but until then you check out the archives at http://listen.bumwinebob.com and on your favorite podcast apps! Cheers!

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