BWB Quinquennial Wood

Crack open the bubbly as we celebrate five years of with the champagne of beers!

It was on 2/21/2014 that my dream of Bumming with Bobcat became a reality and my mission to bring everyone the best of the worst in cheap booze began! They said it couldn’t be done and now here we are five years and counting! Thank you to everyone for being part of this journey as the train keeps rolling! All aboard!

A tribute, of sorts ... to the finest of the Bum Wine Drinkers. Thank you Dennis!

Help celebrate five years of while enjoying this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! I was joined by Dennis from The American Dirtbags Podcast as we discussed the Chuck E. Cheese pizza controversy, the IWC, classic drinking stories, drink concoctions, and MORE during this episode. Check it out and enjoy! Cheers! 

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