The Krude Experience - The Real 205 Live

The Real 205 Live

People love milestones. 20 year anniversary of a rock album. 100 episodes of a TV show. 3 1/2 years since picking up that hot piece of ass at a bar. This time is celebrating the 205th edition of the Krude Experience weekly blog (no reruns).

Krude and BumWineBob both let the actual 200th blog date blow by without noticing. That would've been the more traditional way of using a large even number ending with two zeros to celebrate a milestone. But this website doesn't always lend itself to being 'traditional'. Being the undisputed champion of bottom shelf booze exploitation isn't the most mainstream thing to aspire to. In this wild and wacky world,things can change quickly.Bottom shelf could become top shelf overnight. Who knows.....?

205 blogs! And virtually every week for 4 years.That's impressive. By Krude standards. I challenge ANYBODY to write an entertaining,weekly blog using different topics,in character for four years straight.If you cant,don't sweat it. I got it covered. No complaints here.

It wouldn't be a Krude blog without some worthy insights from yours truly:

March Madness is maddeningly sucky. And fixed to the gills. Bet at your own risk

KraftHeinz food products are all awful. Unless you like excess salt and preservatives. And foul tastes

Liars who believe their own bullshit (and use the lies to conspire against others) are the reason to bring back public hangings

Play the # 205 straight and boxed the day after you read this

Thanks to everybody and everything who inspire me to write every week. It is truly my pleasure to do so. Cheers!



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