Beer Of The Week - Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra

Extra! Extra! Tell your friends to check out Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra as the beer of the week while taking your Memorial day weekend drinking to the EXTRA level!

Coming in at 6.5% ABV, PBR Extra is the new kid on the block after our friends from Pabst released the lighter fare PBR Easy in 2018. Why not take it up a notch with a higher ABV beer this time around?

PBR Extra goes down pretty smooth, but it does have that higher ABV aftertaste similar to others around the same level. It's pretty good, but don't forget that even thought it has a little EXTRA, it's still a PBR at heart.

I'd like to give a special shoutout to the guys from the Shining Wizards Podcast! Looking forward to working with them and having the guys on Bumming with Bobcat in the near future!
The Bumming with Bobcat podcast is still taking a short hiatus while we get the new studio situated after the big move, but stay tuned to for updates as we work on getting things up and running again! You can always check out the podcast in the archives while you wait, since you never know when or where Bum Wine Bob might show up! Cheers!

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