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Acid Man

No. Krude ain't gonna be bragging about taking LSD trips in this blog. I personally don't need to alter my already naturally trippy brain any further. The acid this man wants to exploit this week is uric acid. The type of acid that my body over produces and causes me to have extreme pain in the form of gout.

10 years.10 fucking years of living with gout. I was initially diagnosed with gout due to crippling pain in my lower spine in 2009.Thinking I had broken a bone at L5 on my spine, I went to a doctor to check it out. A quick X ray and some disbelief from the doctor about what he was seeing. Turned out that only around 500 cases of spinal gout had ever been officially determined at that point in time. And the doctor had never seen gouty deposits on a spinal bone on an X ray before. An Rx for painkillers and an MRI was ordered. And later that week it was confirmed:Gout. And it can affect any joint in my body at any time.


It hurt so bad in my lower spine that I couldn't walk or move at all without screaming out in agony. So when the doctors all told me to cut out a bunch of food and drink from my diet,I did. This meant not eating any red meat, seafood, fried anything or beer. ALL the best tasting stuff.

Double fuck.

As time went on I learned to live with gout and still eat my favorite foods. It's a trial and error process. My days of eating a Rib Eye steak with a lobster tail and a pitcher of beer are over. I can have a small portion of the steak with some ginger ale these days. And maybe have a lobster tail on special occasions. Life goes on....

When I do get a gout flare up I'm lucky to have a doctor that supplies me for free a drug called cholchicine. This stuff reduces the gout inflammation like magic. It is highy toxic shit so I can't go overboard with it. But it helps tremendously. A 5 day bout of nasty gout turns into 2 days with this drug. Mahalo

May 22 2019 is gout awareness day. If there is anybody you know who has trouble with gout flare ups and can't function normally,please find time to give them some needed help and support. The pain and lack of mobility with gout is soul crushing,to say the least.A lot of people helped me when I was at my worst. And I've never forgotten.

I don't know why I developed gout and none of my family or friends ended up with it. We all live similar life patterns. What I do know is that I try not to let this affliction affect my overall mood. I try my best every day to stay gout free. But there are no firm guarantees that I won't get a flare up. If I wake up in the morning and nothing hurts too bad, it is good day. Such is life in the Krude lane....

I really didn't want to write a blog about my health matters. But something tells me that more and more people will end up like me getting swollen joints just for drinking a beer. The more information the world knows about arthritis and gout will hopefully result in more research into an utmost cure. I want to live to see that day. Cheers!

Demerol drip > any Oxy pain pill


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