The Krude Experience - If It Makes You Happy

If It Makes You Happy

So much going on in this world at any given time. Whether you like it or not, bullshit is surrounding each and every one of us every single day. Bullshit being defined as anything that brings the spirit of a human down. Thus begins the need for spiritual infusions to fight said bullshit. And that is what Krude wants to exploit. Whatever it is that makes somebody happier and doesn't land you in the pokey is the current Krude crux.

Making a new friend is always a good trip. A friend that brings sexual gratification even better. Having a dedicated drinking buddy is a needed component in today's world. I remember back about 15 years ago when I was rehabbing from workplace injuries and had 10 months away from work. I had a chick as a drinking buddy during that time. Since I couldn't drive due to the injuries,she used to take the wheel. On her days off. Nights. Weekends. Whatever. We used to pound drinks at a bar and shoot the shit. Didn't hurt she had great tits and blonde hair. We didn't fuck right off the bat. But it happened down the line (when my broken areas healed a bit). Friend with benefits. Yes. Fun times. Plenty

I am not a smoker. Of anything. Not my bag. But most of my friends are. Not cigars or cancer sticks. Cannabis is their bag. And plenty of cannabis bags they have purchased. I've never known a pothead to be anything other than mellow and chill. Always having a low energy vibe and red eyes. No big deal. Potheads don't start fights or steal from their mom to fix their jones. Krude has no problem with weed until I smell the weed in an area prone to children playing. Otherwise, I will be using edible THC candy real soon when it becomes legal and readily available in New Jersey. I bought some liquid THC in California last year. Made my 6 hour flight home more skeletal friendly to me. Mahalo

I often wonder why people choose to stay in toxic relationships for many years. All my married friends seem to be living in a constant state of purgatory. Then my non married friends are always bitching about their broads. I say FUCK IT. No relationship is worth any kind of hassle that is unwarranted. Krude is a true pro at weeding out the bullshit associated with toxic relationships. My ex wife was my litmus test. And boy did I eat shit with that split. Never again,I say. Until the next skirt melts my greedy libido....

Pop a cork. Or pop an orgasm. It's all good. Cheers!


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