"Parts Unknown are in Canada" - A Fight For The Fallen Match Rating and NONSpoiler report

"Parts Unknown are in Canada" - A Fight For The Fallen Match Rating and NONSpoiler report.

Libraian v. Kiss - ***

Not as bad as the last preshow. 

Baker/Riho v. Priestley/Nakajima *** 1/4

Priestley looked fantastic in her debut; some sloppiness, but the best women's match since All In.

Spears/MJF/Guevara v. Janela/Havoc/Allin ****

Darby is over huge. I like the dynamic of the possible fued between Allin and Spears, for Spears over shadowing the attention seeking Darby. Also enjoyed the MJF/Spears dichotomy in this match. Very well booked. Fans were HOT for this match. Great crowd reactions. Sick bump on the apron from Janela to Guevara. Right man got the pin on the right guy.

Allie vs. Brandy Rhodes ** 1/2

Smart to book this after that amazing six man. Gives the fans a break, because the next match would have been hard pressed to live up to that one so quickly. Going back to the earlier women's tag divsion, there's a huge seperation between upper echelon of Baker/Priestley/Riho and the rest. AEW needs a couple more women to really tighten this group up. Where is Kylie Rae at? 

This is a really beautiful venue for a wrestling show. So very +unique looking from any wrestling venue I've seen. 

Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson v. Jack Evans/Angelico vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus W/Marko Stunt? *** 1/4

Jungle Boy is another dude over with the crowd right now. The unique pairing of JungleSaurus is pretty great. Fans eating up Luchasuarus. Another hot crowd match. 

#1 Contender Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian *** 

Page always gives me 80's throwback wrestler. And there's nothing wrong with that. Starts out a meat and potatoes slobberkno... sorry, I got caught up in Jim Ross speak. Sabian just kissed a fan. Fan was not happy, lol. I'm already seeing "They made Page look weak". Must be watching another match. This was a hard fought match with logical booking at the end. Page is giving you a story, going into a world heavyweight title match, of injury against a decorated veteran. And it's not like Sabian is being portrayed as a scrub. 

SCU vs. LuchaBros *** 1/2

Pretty decent pop for both teams. But Lucha chants erupt soon after match starts. The glove interaction with Aubrey Edwards was fantastic and shows you the difference between AEW and WWE. AEW is shooting for fun, interactive. You'd never see an interaction like that in WWE. And if you did, you'd end up watching a documentary on it six months later about how fun WWE is. Daniels, not in the match, just chopped by Pentagon. "I'm not even supposed to be here today," is all i could think about. Match had too many near falls. Or maybe that's just my complaint about most wrestling matches anymore. 

Let me rant about the announcing for a moment. 

I know Marvez is new, but ... you can tell a lot of his commentary is scripted. It's too forced. I think Marvez being put into the voice of emotion is taking Ross out of his natural element. Ross should be the voice of emotion.

Kenny Omega v. CIMA **** 1/4

Omega just has an aura about himself. I don't know much about CIMA, if i'm being honest, but from what I have seen, he's obviously very technically sound. A lot of ground work in the beginning of this match. One thing that's hard to look past is ... the past. Sometimes, when Kenny is "winded" so quickly in a match, i think about those Okada battles. How can he be winded now?  Some of that 50/50 booking going on right now in this match. Oh, it's because it's 85 degrees. Thanks, Jim. Fans don't seem invested in this match. I wonder if the Lucha/SCU match exhausted them? CIMA's back stabber is pretty vicious. Meteora's were falling all over the place man. Amazing moves. Fans are waking up, "THIS IS AWESOME" chants breaking out. OMEGA CATCHES A METEORA!!! Schwein on the apron... god damn they have an apron fetish in this company! YOU KILLED KENNY chants. Exchanging punches and slaps to the face. You can see the sweat jumping off their bodies. This is the beautiful brutality. Fantastic match. 

Jericho Open Mic

He still has Page's blood on his hands? How unsanitary. He's going to get this show shut down! Air born diseases bro!! Welcome to JackoffVille. One fan looked VERY offended by that. It may have been the dude who got kissed by Sabian though. Jericho is not a face, that's for sure. Something very off putting about Jericho's hat. It's too small for his head. Audible boos for Hangman Page. Fucking morons. This is JackoffVille. Wow. "If I lose to Page, it's not only the beginning of the end of AEW ... it's the beginning of the end for Chris Jericho ..." FIRE.

Page attacks, locker room comes out to break it up ... Librarian DOES NOT SHHH anyone. Missed opportunity. 

Young Bucks v. Rhodes Brothers **** 1/2

Dustin Rhodes man. What a career. I remember watching him his rookie year. The unfair treatment the fans gave him for being Dusty's kid. Now they adore him for the same fucking reason - because he worked his ass off, like his father.

Cody trying to keep the match on the ground early in the match. Match started with a handshake with Nick. Went to shake Nick's hand again, Nick, frustrated, kicks the handshake away. Some one upmanship, Cody flexing, got popped with a slap for his efforts. Starting to pick up in tempo. Double scrum. Rhodes clear's the ring.

I just have this weird feeling that Cody and Dustin aren't done feuding. I feel like Dustin is going to swerve him at some point. NOT in this match, but down the road. It just feels like an uneasy union. 

More mocking of the DON moment. OLDER BROTHER chants in the crowd. Fans are eating up this match. 

Matt showing some feisty fists, pounding Dustin in the corner with some shots brotha. 

I'm not sure where, but there became a disconnect with he match. Crowd got lost. A dude tried to start a "You got tagged" chant, but nothing.

Cody missile launches himself out of the ring into Matt Jackson, get's crowd back in. Just a really fun match. 


- Dennis  @thewrestleverse

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