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License To....

Krude gonna do some venting here this week. And it ain't gonna be pretty. Like having a zit on the tip of your nose. It will be real,annoying and curable. Let's do it!

How in the fuck is EVERYBODY in the USA allowed to obtain a driver's license? Most people who are licensed to drive can't. No aptitude for it. No hand eye skills. They pay $ to get 6 hours on the road instruction (in NJ). Then take an easy written test and an easy driving test at DMV. Does this make them qualified to drive? I don't think so. Just total hacks getting behind the wheel of a potentially deadly machine. My very own sister falls into this category. It is fucking SCARY driving in a car with her. She has to get her car insurance overseas cuz nobody in the USA will take that action. Most people on the roads now shouldn't be.Drive around Bergen County NJ for 30 minutes and prove me wrong.

Obtaining a gun license is an easy thing to do. Just buy a gun. Sign some paperwork. Let the firearms dealer mail in your credentials. And very soon will have your very own gun and gun license. Did you have to pass an exam? No. Did you get taught the safety precautions with owning a deadly weapon? No. Where I live it is more difficult to get a gun license. But for most of the USA it's a piece of cake. That's fucked up. Too many dumb shits and half wits with easy access to deadly firearms. USA gun death stats don't lie.

Important stuff I'm licensed for (that I took numerous exams):

New York City Home Improvement license. Gotta know all the fucked up rules of doing interior renovations in NYC.There are many. Like greasing the correct wheels.

Red Cross Infant CPR certification. If your baby or toddler needs mouth to mouth, I'm licensed to do it. Trained when my son had sleep apnea at 3 months old. This license comes in handy when I date chicks. Earning child care trust stripes with women is important.

I had a county family court officer tell me that she was more than qualified to determine if my son was disabled (by reading a fax sent to her). I asked where she got her medical degree. She blushed and got really mean towards me. I took that as a no to her medical degree credentials.Yet, NJ still claims my son is disabled (he is not). But $ talks. And always will.

When wrong is right
Night is day...


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