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The elephant in the room is double in size as we are just a few days away from AEW's most important PPV to date, All Out. Just three days ago, the fledgling upstart promotion lost one of its marquee matchups, as Jon Moxley (formerly Dean Ambrose in WWE) had to withdraw himself from his match with Kenny Omega.

Moxley disclosed that he had contracted MRSA, and would be unable to perform in Chicago at the Sears Center, August 31st. 

A lot of fans were upset over the news - some even pointing to the idea that allowing talent to work in other promotions to be short sighted. I covered that thought process here:

But the other elephant in the room - the one not so quiet, is the CM Punk factor. Will he or won't he show up Saturday night to really kick this "War of Wednesdays" in the ass. 

It has already overshadowed what, on paper, looks like a damn good show. With the addition of long time legendary announcer Tony Schiavone added to the mix, this could be AEW's best PPV to date ... As long as you're not going into it EXPECTING to be surprised by Punk.

That's the danger of flirting publicly with the idea, the notion, as AEW has in the weeks went on - but it wasn't something they could easily avoid, as the fanbase itself clearly wants this magical moment to happen.

Making her wrestling debut, Teal Piper looks to extend the legacy of her late father, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Teal, 34, has seen no action in ring as of this moment, has signed a deal with WOW on the heals of signing on to wrestle at All Out.

That's one of the strong points of AEW ... Yes, it's fresh faced and progressive thinking in it's talent signing, but underneath all of that is a foundation of second generation wrestlers and historical overtones that create this very familiar feeling, going into TV. 

The obvious pick for the womens' battle royale is Britt Baker. She has been positioned as the No. 1 women's contender and there is absolutely no denying her look. The question heading into the Battle Royale is this: Is she 100% healthy? 

Another intriguing competitor is Sadie Gibbs. Thus far all we've seen of Gibbs is vignette's; and possibly YouTube videos if you've been intrigued by the young competitor. She brings into the match a mystery. What will she bring to the table - from I've seen of her, she's very similar to that of Toni Storm in appearance - and seemingly very intense. Without having stepped into an AEW ring, she already seems like a force to reckon with.

Then you have "The Bitch,", Jazz. The most experienced women in the ring, Jazz was most recently the NWA Women's Heavyweight champion. She vacated the title for personal and medical reasons, and clearly is coming back to make a statement.

In what has the opportunity to steal the show, in my book, for out of your seat, holy shit moments, is the Janela/Havoc/Allin three way.

All three have a lot to prove in the AEW universe, with Janela very vocal that he cannot lose another match. Of the three men, I think Joey has the most mainstream appeal, but Allin has that dynamic ability to do things in the ring that no man (or woman) should be able to do. The punishment he can take, and continue on is very similar to that of New Japan Pro Wrestling's Will Ospreay. Havoc is the Steven Regal of hardcore wrestling. Inside the ring he is methodical, intelligent (for a crazy person) and in some ways, reserved, biding his time to make the most of the move. One of these guys has to come out looking better than the other, someone has to come out of this match a bigger star. And one very big question in regards to this match is, how hardcore will it get. Will there be blood? A lot of fall out with the chair shot Cody took at Fyter Fest on June 29th. 

AEW owner, Tony Kahn, stated that the TV show wouldn't be a hardcore show - but he never stated that for the PPVs. 

The Rhodes/Spears match is particularly hard to predict. Will they use this match to catapult Spears higher up the card, or will it be Rhodes who takes the match, halting Spears descent? One thing is for sure, this match isn't going to end cleanly. With Tully Blanchard serving as Spears corner guy, and Rhodes bringin a mystery corner person to the party, you know high jinx are about to take place. Do we need a definitive victor out of this match? Could this turn into the first real "Blood Feud" of AEW? It has all the layers that support the idea - with a possible MJF turn against Rhodes solidifying a new group in AEW comprised of Spears, MJF and Blanchard.

And does Blanchards involvement with AEW bring Tessa into the mix? 

Onto the tag match between The Young Bucks and The Luchabros - one has to wonder if the match will hurt because of Fenix injury, and his inability to turn down work. After the initial injury at Big Time Wrestling, you would think that maybe pulling out of the rest of your matches for the week, to heal up, would be the right call. But not Fenix. 

He's worked through out the week, with people saying matches are ending early because he can't go. I understand the old adage of making your dates - but this isn't just some PPV. This is AEW's biggest PPV to date. This sends them into TV.

It's a shame, because the Luchabros have the ability to become the first mainstream stars of AEW's brand. I just hope we get a healthy showing.

Injuries have already altered the card in chaotic fashion, with Moxley getting knocked out of his match - but we get what is a dream match of sorts, with the addition of PAC to the card. PAC was to wrestle Adam Page at Double Or Nothing, but things broke down and PAC was pulled from the show - lets hope that doesn't happen again. No longer the Dragon Gate champion, PAC can take a loss here, but is that the right move? Omega has to be the center of attention for AEW. He's the most charismatic of the company, and in ring, there is no one better. 

Except, maybe, PAC.

If PAC does go over, do they rekindle the Page/PAC feud? 

Page wrestles veteran Chris Jericho for the honor of being the first AEW World Heavyweight Champion. I think, pound for pound, Adam Page is the future of the business. He's got an amazing look. He's intelligent. He seems like a dudes dude, a loyal guy, someone fans can look up to. But Jericho is ... Jericho. One of the greatest modern day wrestlers. How do you legitamize a world title with no lineage? You put it on a guy that's been WWE champion. 

But then fans will say, I thought this was about new faces, new opportunities ... And, it's a valid point.

Bottom line is this: Does Adam Page have IT right now, to be the face of the company? I just don't think the time is right.


WOMENS CASINO BATTLE ROYALE - It comes down to Baker, Gibbs and Brandi Rhodes. Rhodes and Gibbs working together until Gibbs tosses Rhodes out, ending their alliance, and then eliminating Baker and becoming the #1 contender to for the Women's World Title.

Riho v. Hikaru Shida - Winner faces the winner of the Battle Royale for the Women's title. From the start, I've been drawn to Hikaru Shida. Her look, her movement, her selling ... It feels special to me. Riho has been pushed hard, I feel like AEW has a lot of faith in her, but I think Shida goes over in a really solid match. 

Joey Janela v. Jimmy Havoc v. Darby Allin - Janela has to come out of this match victorious and pushed into the top of the middle card. 

Best Friends v. Dark Order - Dark Order defeat Best Friends, move on to The Young Bucks next feud.

Cody v. Shawn Spears (W/Tully Blanchard) - I don't think we'll get a clean victory here - somehow, I think Spears wins, but the shenanigans will be a plenty. 

AAA Tag Team Championship Match:
Lucha Bros v. The Young Bucks - I don't see the AAA tag straps dropping, so Lucha Bros in a match that might be slowed down a bit with an unhealthy Fenix.

Kenny Omega V. Pac - Another tough one to figure out. On paper, it's a no brainer to put Omega over. But if AEW wants to differentiate from WWE type booking, PAC is the right way to go. For that reason alone, I'm going with PAC. 

AEW World Championship:
Chris Jericho v. Adam "Hangman" Page - Two, three, four years from now, Page is easily winning this match. I just don't feel he has the miles and experience to carry a brand new title.

- Dennis  @thewrestleverse

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