The Krude NFL 2019 Preview

Krude NFL 2019 Preview

It's that time again. Funnest time of the year for most men....and a few broads. NFL football is back. 3 game days a week for corporate sponsors to salivate over. Legalized sports gambling in my state (NJ,and possibly yours) makes things mighty interesting. Always remember that the National Football League is registered as a entertainment entity. Never bet against the house. Trust Krude. Hate Roger Goodell.

Here's my take on the upcoming NFL season for each team. Butt hurt is norm here. HIKE!!!

Arizona Cardinals
Another year.Another HC. Another 1st round pick QB for red birds. Kyler Murray better show skills early or these birds are cooked.Slow cooked in desert heat

Atlanta Falcons
Matty and Julio down by the school yard again. And still have no friends. It's been a while since that ugly Super Bowl loss to Pats.Owner Blank is his name and his trophy case

Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson is the man now.Half of the defense ran out of town. John Harbaugh still has a job in 2019. Things will change... yet Steelers will still lose to this team

Buffalo Bills
Cole Beasley is probably the only reason to watch the Bills this year. Josh Allen isn't a star. Btw. OJ Simpson is on Twitter. His tweets beat watching Bills on tv

Carolina Panthers
Cam and Ron. Both keep each other employed in Carolina. Competitive team will be fielded. Wins maybe half the time. Cam will still get roughed mightily without zebra sympathy

Chicago Bears
Big Mack isn't going to win games on his own. So rich Mitch gotta step it up. Chi-Town aint gonna be dull. Just frustrated

Cincinnati Bengals
Old Uncle Marv finally sent to pasture. AJ Green can still play when healthy. Dalton isn't Doolin. Bungles banished to cellar.

Cleveland Browns
Team to watch in 2019. New HC. New team cancer WR. Wife beater at RB. And all this on Prime Time 4 times this year. Mayfield is a goober. In a good way

Dallas Cowboys
Witten is back. Jerry still a meddler. Dak will play above average to get max $. Zeke may want to play somewhere else after HC Garrett gets the boot (finally) in the new year

Denver Broncos
How does a HOF QB like Elway keep missing on signing a franchise QB. Flacco is a declining bum. Donkey defense should be solid with Fangio in charge

Detroit Lions
Just like I predicted no more than 6 wins for Lions last year (6-10),this year I predict no more than 5 wins. And that is being generous. Crap team

Green Bay Packers
Is Aaron Rodgers starting to slip? I don't think so. Pack dumped ruddy bum McCarthy and brought in an unproven HC. They will find a way to win more than a few.

Houston Texans
Talented squad. All the pieces seem to be ready to take the next step up. Head Coach O'Brien is coaching on borrowed time. 1-3 post season record is sad

Indianapolis Colts
Luck is Luck. Solid when healthy. Weird team to gauge. Could be a sleeper to go to the Show this season. Or be a heartbreaking bunch of also rans. Isray gonna need some quaaludes. And an alibi

Jacksonville Jaguars
There's a new sheriff in town named Tricky Nicky Foles.And he brings the scalp of a Jags enemy as a talisman.Same solid defense has something to prove this year.

Kansas City Chiefs
Will the NFL let Fat Andy get a ring? Or is the negative press about rogue Chiefs players keeping team from the Show? Let King Goodell decide

Los Angeles Chargers
El Lay is now over crowded with pro football. Rivers is still QB. Stadium ready next year.Same team as last few years. Kinda wish Norv was still coach

Los Angeles Rams
Rams will suffer losing SB curse this year. Not for losing SB,but for signing Bortles to back up Goff. Off year for LA.

Miami Dolphins
Fitzmagic takes the snaps now in the Hot Swamp. Or will it be Rosen? Or Jay Fieldler? Doesn't matter cuz at least one home win is guaranteed when BeliCheat comes to town

Minnesota Vikings
Coach Zimmer has all his eggs in the Kirk Cousins basket. Stats don't mean wins. Lesson not learned in Min

New England Patriots
Brady signed two year extension to stay a Patriot until his gums recede. Still not making top $. Owner Kraft is a shady runt with close ties to Goodell. 12-4. As usual

New Orleans Saints
Fun team to watch. Never fun to bet on. Payton rides high when Brees is pilot. Is this the send off NFL wants for Drew after last year scam in playoffs? I think so

New York Giants
E. Manning is still employed by Giants. Daniel Brown will be groomed to start by week 10. OBJ is gone. Is there ANY reason to watch this team this year?

New York Jets
Gang Green expect bigger things from team this season. Bell will net them 3 wins on his own. Darnold will be good until he breaks Jets fans hearts with dumb play when it matters most

Oakland Raiders
Raiders got some weapons for Carr to play with.Defense still the Achilles. See you in Vegas next year. Just Win Baby!

Philadelphia Eagles
Wentz will sprain every important bone known to a QB by week 6. He'll play, cuz he has to. NFC East sucks so bad that Birds win division by being mediocre

Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers are all about bitch drama and excuses. JuJu is no AB. Or Wallace. First time in forever Browns have the upper hand in rivalry. Lean years a coming....

San Francisco 49ers
Garoppolo return will sell tickets. Team won't be any good though. With DeBartolo and York ownership,nothing gets done right. This ain't the 80s, kids

Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson somehow managed to get Hawks to playoffs last season.Without an offensive line.He will do it again this year. Always fun team to watch

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bruce Arians coaxed out of broadcast booth to coach this train wreck. Jameis and Evans still around means a few points. Not much else

Tennessee Titans
Mariota knows how to win. And get hurt easily. Ryan Tannenhill will see action in Music City sooner than later. Ouch

Washington Redskins
The less interesting Gruden is still HC. Case Keenum is QB until rookie Haskins is ready. When will Dan Snyder sell his majority shares? 20 years of Nothing in DC

NFL 2019 should be another dysfunctional roller coaster of a season. But it is always FUN. Stay sober at your own peril. Get a safe ride home afterwards. Good luck to YOUR team. Cheers!

Pick thy winners...


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