BWB 2019 NFL Season Preview

The 2019 NFL season is getting ready to kickoff, and here on Bumming with Bobcat it's time for our annual NFL season preview podcast! To help preview the 2019 NFL season, we are welcoming our good friend Kapn Krude to show as he brings along his own predictions for each NFL team for the upcoming season.

There's no doubt that the Patriots are favorites for the season, so there's really not much to talk about with them. However the Chiefs are not far behind and could surprise us all this season. Sure, betting on the Patriots will be the safe choice but that's no fun. There might be more value betting on the other teams. Shop around to see which site offers the best value. Here are some top choices online that might be worth taking a look at.

Who do we think has the best shot at winning Super Bowl LIV in 2020? Could this be the year for Krude's Raiders? How about BWB's Jets? Does a dark horse come out of nowhere and take the league by storm?

What are your favorite game day drinks? What pairs best with a Sunday of NFL action? When's the best time to place your bets?

Think YOU got what it takes to be the next BWB NFL Pick'Em League Champion? The BWB NFL pick'em league is BACK for 2019! Test your skills against your fellow drinkers and tell your friends to join the fun! Could there be prizes for this years winner? You wont know unless you play!

Group ID #: 4615
Group Password: bobcat2019

They have finally arrived! It took over a year but the MD 20/20 Cans are here! With hard seltzers being all the rage these days it was refreshing to get my hands on the "hard wine fusion" that is the MD 20/20 Cans! Check out this special edition of Bumming with Bobcat for a full review!

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