Smackdown Live Review: 9/10/19

Smackdown Live Review 

A quick top 5 look through the eyes of your Natty Daddy, good or bad.

The Ruberic: The higher the ABV, the better. Because who want's to be sober on
a Monday Night?  The ruberic is effected by things such as how entertaining was/is the match or angle; will we be talking about it next week at the water cooler, did it make sense, etc. 

The ABV tops out at 10%, named after the De Dolle Dulle Teve 10, a 
fruity beer with a touch of butterscotch. My Dad was a huge fan of butterscotch,
and this is a tribute to him.

Translated, De Dolle Dull Teve 10 means "Mad Bitch," and that's what a great moment
in wrestling should be. 


Heading into the show, the two talking points were the possible sighting of The Fiend, attacking Undertaker and the replacement for Elias in the King of the Ring tournament. Internet speculation going in was Shane fucking McMahon. God help us if that happens.

"Undertaker waxing nostalgic"

It's always cool to see Taker come out to the ring - but am I the only one who wished
he'd have retired a few years ago? It's starting to get sad seeing the Phenom the way
he is now. I'm tired of the force fed "news stars" crap too.

And No one wants Sami Zayn coming out to argue with Taker. But it is something different, so i give them kudos for that.



"A wrestling match broke out on SmackDown"

Miz and Andrade put on a pretty decent match with Nakamura sitting ringside givin' that stink eye the whole time. Vega tried to help Adrade grab the win but Miz showed that fortitude that Gorilla Monsoon talked about so often to pick ... wait, Nakamura attacks Miz. Cory Graves says "Miz wanted to make a statement, but the champ had an emphatic revoke ..." i'm pretty sure he said that. 

Rating: 6.1 ABV 


"Don't Cross Nikki"

The tired trope of "You'll never be as pretty as me" tonight as Nikki Cross,a former model,
played the role of Lindsay Lohan (apprapo) in "Mean Girls" against Mandy Rose - but if you ask me, the fued I WANT is Nikki v. Sonya Deville.



"What a beautiful Moon"

I could get behind a big ol' push for Ember Moon. I'm tired of Charlotte and Bayley and Banks ...even though she just came back... I want something fresh, something fun. And a Moon title run would be amazing. Please, please, please give me that....



"You remember that one chick that Jim Cornette called Butterface," 

Rowan just stole Jordynne Grace's fucking gimmick and I'm livid. As Teddy KGB would say,
pay that women her money. You know, i watch every week, and for some reason i thought this Rowan/Daniel/Reigns feud was over. Mainly because I want it to be. Bryan Daniel needs to be treated better - he should be the face of your program. What the fuck is going on in these booking meetings.

Anyways ... 


- Dennis  @thewrestleverse

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