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The name Kraft should be cause for concern for MANY people of the USA. For a perverse plethora of different reasons. Commence exploitative exploration. Krude at the controls. All systems GO!!!
Robert Kraft is the owner of the New England Patriots. A complete and total con man. A billionaire who prefers $40 blowjobs at rub and tug joints in strip malls. To say he is complicit with the invisible Ernie Adams' bullshit to explicitly cheat the NFL is an understatement. Totally on board with every crooked scheme Adams and Billy B come up with to scam wins. To Hell with these guys. Of yeah. Kraft gave a Super Bowl ring to his good buddy Vladimir Putin. To FUCKING HELL with these guys.

Kraft foods have to be the absolute worst on the planet. I've written about their shitty products before. No relation to the troll from New England.

My mother always bought Kraft food products when I was a kid. Still does actually. Kraft American cheese. BBQ sauce. Mayonnaise. Salad dressing. Etc..Eating a homemade sandwich in school when I was in my pre-teen years was horrifying. Kraft products were all over that sandwich. Oscar Meyer Bologna and Kraft American on Wonder bread.With Kraft mayonnaise slathered all over it.My mother wouldn't budge when me and my sister complained about the Kraft crap. Her life revolved around Kraft products. And I hated it. Still hate it. Lucky I got to learn how to cook working in my father's restaurants when I was a teenager. I learned to ALWAYS use the best ingredients when making something. Kraft foods have never made the cut in my cooking.Ever.

Kraft foods FUCKED UP Planters Cheez Balls. Unforgivable.

Krude will conclude this blog with some positivity surrounding the word Kraft. I am a kitchen designer/ project manager for a firm in NYC. One of the lines of cabinetry I design with is called Kraftmaid. This company makes excellent cabinetry at affordable prices. Made in the USA. And they will start using American made plywood for their cabinet carcasses very soon. Products outsourced from China ain't worth it anymore. Here is a kitchen I designed using Kraftmaid cabinets. Very happy client. As usual

Summer over: flip flops begone


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