The Krude Experience - Never Say Die

Never Say Die

Some things never seem to truly go away. No matter how over or under exposed they have become. They go full circle and come back when an alleged hunger for them arises. Krude has noticed a bunch of shit recently that falls into a never say die category. And no, Keith Richards and Betty White are not part of this blog.

Stallone. Sylvester to be exact. Has filmed another Rambo movie. At age 72. Adventures of a Vietnam war vet with tons of special effects created for mass consumption in 2019. yawn.... I stopped going to Rambo movies after the second one in the mid 80's. Same goes for Rocky movies. Enough is enough. For me. But I bet this new Rambo movie makes big box office $. And Rambo knives become top Xmas wish list items once again

I saw a beat up compact disc in a parking lot near my usual grocery store. It was sitting all by its lonesome,untouched by man or machinery. Just weathered by summer sun and a few rain storms. In the past, the sight of a stray cd usually meant for somebody to pick up and observe. Not anymore. That cd was still in the same spot a few days later. Compact disc sales have taken a large beating by the hands of digital medium and vinyl sales. Vinyl records weren't always in demand. Just a few years back,most people dumped their vinyl collection for almost no $. Now a 180 gram vinyl album release sells for over $20 new. So I'm guessing the compact disc medium will be into the norm's social graces in year 2032 or so.

MRE military meals have taken on quite a public following and fascination as of late. I bought a Canadian MRE last year to see what all the fuss was about. Surprisingly, the Canadian MRE kicked ass. It was a breakfast pack containing hash browns with bacon, blueberry apple sauce and a packet of oatmeal. I would eat this again at anytime. Except it cost me around $25 shipped. Strange life MREs are taking on. They contain food that will last for a decade or more that tastes better than most diner and fast food could ever serve. Believe it.

The sun will never set on a true optimist


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