Top 5 Moments of Monday Night Raw ... the good and the bad

Top 5 Moments of Monday Night Raw ... the good and the bad

A quick top 5 look through the eyes of your Natty Daddy, good or bad.

The Rubric: The higher the ABV, the better. Because who wants to be sober on
a Monday Night? The rubric is affected by things such as how entertaining was/is the match or
angle; will we be talking about it next week at the water cooler, did it make sense, etc.

The ABV tops out at 10%, named after the De Dolle Dulle Teve 10, a
fruity beer with a touch of butterscotch. My Dad was a huge fan of butterscotch,
and this is a tribute to him.

Translated, De Dolle Dull Teve 10 means "Mad Bitch," and that's what a great moment
in wrestling should be.

Note: I missed a bit of the show after the Rollins/FunHouse segment.

Fiend infiltrates Monday Night Raw ....

Bray Wyatt's "Fiend" is the most entertaining thing about
the WWE product, these days - including NXT. Wyatt has a great
feel for what the fans want.

Rating: 7.2 ABV

King Me

A surprisingly fun match between Gable and Corbin. Gable is a helluva wrestler, and the heat
that Corbin generates from the simplest of things is pretty impressive, even if I dislike the living
hell out of the guy. This was more entertaining than I gave it a chance to be.
As much as I hate to admit it (and wouldn’t have, until @abbywrestling so succinctly pointed
out), based on how they booked themselves into a dumpster fire of a corner, the only logical
winner was Corbin.

Rating: 5.2 ABV

Gender Fender Bender

Let’s be honest … the gender reveal gimmick is played the fuck out at this point, and no one
who watches wrestling wants to see that shit played out on a tv screen. The only positive that
comes out of this is seeing the beautiful Maria Kanellis … damn she’s a snack.
I question who wrote this show though. Putting Ricochet in the middle of this garbage is
paramount for firing.

EDIT: Oh shit, after the commercial, this shit continued. Can you imagine Elizabeth/Savage in
this angle? No, Me either.

Rating: 2.7 ABV

Nikki and Bliss but the rest is a miss.

Very little is working in the women’s division right now. Why? I don’t know … maybe because
the writing is so inconsistent because of Vince McMahon, but the constant usage of Lynch,
Flair, Bayley, has killed any kind of momentum the company built heading towards “Evolution”.
The Chair fight made things worse. They can barely carry the goddamn gimmicked chairs.

Rating: 3.2 ABV

Sometimes though, the best thing in life is when you’re not looking.

This has nothing to do with Raw or the WWE .. but everything to do with why we watch
professional wrestling whenever we can. This is a highlight reel, or what the fuckers in
Hollywood call a “Sizzle” reel … highlighting Beyond Wrestling and one of the BEST PPV’s of
2019, “AmericanRana 19”.

Rating: 8.1 ABV

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