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Weird Spot

Krude is a Generation X mofo. Being born in 1970 makes me an elder statesman GenXer. I remember when playing an game indoors meant pulling out a Parcheesi board, drinking some Hawaiian Punch and waiting for rain to stop outside.But when Pong and Atari 2600 started the home video game craze in the 70s (that exists to this day), I would still rather go outside and get a wiffle ball game going than play with a rustic joystick while staring at a low res tv screen with bland colors while a 'game' was making primitive cpu noises. Which was high tech at the time.   

Being born in 1970 puts me in a weird spot in relation to being sympathetic to anybody younger who remains glued to a 4K screen all day playing video games. One side of me thinks: lazy video game playing fucker will never get pussy.The other side of me thinks: this dude has never known anything different.Either way, current video game playing tendencies make me sad.   

Watching NFL games at a bar these days is kinda weird as well. The newly 21 year olds are happy to be in the bar. While holding their high tech cell phones tight. The post college, pre marriage types are drinking heavier and using a sports book app to catch gambling action on their high tech phone.There are geezers older than me (born in 1950s and 60s) that drink the most, make the most noise and have knowledge about football I wish I had. While leaving their high tech cell phone in their pocket. Then there is my generation. Gen X. Stuck in the middle. Hedging our social graces. Young enough to talk with cute chicks wearing a Dak Prescott jersey. Or old enough to ward off the hungry cougars who need a stiff drink and a stiffer ride home. Weird spot to be in. But fun.  

Recognizing masterful speaking by a pretentious shit puts you in a weird spot. You know they are trying to play you. Yet you keep cool and go along with the triple speak,to avoid uncomfortable confrontation.Top of the pyramid is sharp. And pointy. Lube is useless. Carry on....

... a rolling stone gathers no moss


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