The Krude Experience - Who's The Boss?

Who's The Boss?

"Meet the new boss Same as the old boss"

The Who 1971

People don't change. Circumstances and monetary amounts may change over time. But a phony will always be phony. As will a stand up guy will always be a stand up guy. Your heart and soul will remain the same for the physical life of both. Pity the fool who cannot sense true spiritual auras in others. Krude needs a stiff drink now. So do you, I reckon...

Bruce Springsteen is 70 years old. He has been referred to as 'the boss' for many years. The boss of what? I ask. Playing 3 chord songs on a vintage Fender guitar? Or the boss of dodging the draft in the late 60s so he could make a living playing 3 chords on a vintage Fender guitar? Either way, this guy hasn't changed a bit over time. The way he turned his back on his country is the way he turned his back on his band in the early 90s. Fuck this guy. He sucks. Always has. And I'm from New Jersey. 

Jim Harbaugh was a fun football to player to watch. Used to be called Captain Comeback during his QB playing days. He switched to coaching and became very successful as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. He left the 49ers to coach college football at Michigan He is not nearly as successful coaching at the amateur ranks as he was coaching multi millionaire NFL studs. Same coaching style. Same coaching temperament. Difference is,college players ain't earning a fortune to eat the shit Harbaugh spews. They just want to look good on tape for NFL scouts. Can't blame them.

I recently left a job because a manager that was put in place because of family connections and not business knowledge tried to get a good co-worker of mine fired for no reason. Just a power play because he could. I screamed at this fat,lazy,moronic fucktard and walked out of that office for the last time. He had tried the same needless power play before as well. If he acts like this now,he will act like this forever. Too many people like this cretin in the world. Dumb and well connected. Give me smart and unfettered any day of the week.

I have always questioned all authority figures in my life. Anybody who tries to boss another person around does for egotistical reasons. And nothing else. I'm comfortable who I am at all times. Are you?



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