AEW Dynamite - What Worked, What Didn't

What Worked - InnerCircle arena entrance.

It felt so much like the old nWo days - and in a good way, when it was still cool. Before it had been manipulated to the point that their entrance didn't mean a damn thing.

Tony, keep that in mind.

What Worked - The Bad Boy on Prime Time

If you really give a god damn about wrestling, you root through the carny and the bullshit and you seek out the diamonds even if they look like driveway stones. Janella is one of the fucking reasons i fell back in love with the business after Punk left. His passion is unquestionable. He gives his all every fucking time the camera is on him. And seeing him on TV .. god damn.

Cheers, Joey.

You got a "This is awesome chant," tonight ... and they weren't lying.

What Didn't Work - Old School Mentalities on Social Media

This isn't the WWE - everyone claims they want change - but when a wrestling promotion offers change, the typical responses are: to small, to hardcore, not believable, etc.

Instead of fully adapting to a different universe, they just keep swallowing forty year old shit.

What Worked - Rhodes/Jericho

I don't know what the make up of that scarf is, but the government should probably have it tested and then implemented into our military services.

Cody is so good on the mic - and Jericho is a fucking legend. This is the perfect first feud ...

What Didn't Work - Beer

It's 9:18 and I possibly drank way faster than I should have and now i have to piss outside of commercial breaks and I'll be honest, the action is too quick and my beer addled mind is having a hard time coming up with witty shit for you to read.

What Didn't Work - Baker/Hayter

Fuck, i don't even know if I'm spelling Hayter's name correctly right now, all i can tell you is this - bad spot to put the match in. I am a big fan of Baker's and I can't stand the hate she gets. But this match didn't work and we'll leave it at that.

What Didn't Work - What did Brandi just do?

I'm not sure what that whole deal was, but the whole pointing crazy thing was weird. Was she trying to do some superman shit there?

What Worked - Main Event Feel

Listen, maybe I'm to harsh on WWE - maybe i'm not. All i know is that the crowd is hot for these shows and the start and end with fucking bangers.

Mox v. PAC felt like a main event match before they even came out to the ring.

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