It'll always be his way, The Vince McMahon story.

From the Pro Wrestling Observer, October 28th, 2002:

In regards to the infamous Katie Vick angle, Dave theorized what Kevin Dunn's explanation meant, regarding the angle. First, Dunn's "explanation":

WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn, stated that numerous warnings to WWE viewers about sensitive subject matter did air prior to the segment. “While the subject matter is sensitive, on balance this was an attempt at dark humor capitalizing on the popularity of programs such as CSI, Six Feet Under and X-Files,” said Dunn.

Dave sussed out the meaning:

Because we are so out of touch with our audience, we actually thought because we laughed like crazy at portraying an act of necrophilia, that our audience would also.

So, you see, not much has changed in the seventeen years since Triple H fucked the brains out of a mannequin. Sure, the main event at Hell In A Cell wasn't as cringe inducing, stomach turning, borderline pornographic as the Katie Vick angle, it does however point to a fact long known by longtime wrestling fans.

Vince McMahon is that kid in school who no one really likes, but he had the coolest toys, so everyone wanted to go to his house for so long. When you get there though, he doesn't let you play with the toys like you want. He dictates every game. And it was this way for a long time.

But then one day, middle school ended and when he got to high school there were all these new kids; some even have cool toys ... but he's so stuck in his bratty, spoiled ways that he keeps playing the way he wants to.

See, basically, the choice is your's where you wanna spend your time.

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