NWA Powerrr - Episode One - What Worked ... What Didn't.

NWA Powerrr What Worked, What Didn't - Episode One “Back in the Studio”
By Dennis DuBay

Show can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aegl1dWAT_8

What Worked: Nick Aldis Promo

Nick Aldis comes out for an interview with Dave Marquez. The set is a stunning tribute to the past studio shows. Aldis says it’s hard to be humble as the REAL WORLD'S champion, that sometimes it’s hard to stay hungry but we don’t have to worry about that with him. Says the champions in the NWA are the real deal and the locker room hungry and gunning for respect and titles. Tells Tim Storm that he’s not doing a job tonight, so he better be ready to put it all out there tonight.

What Didn’t Work: Identity Crisis

For a lot of the lesser known talent, I would have preferred individual entrances - instead of joining them in the ring. I had a hard time at first knowing who was who. I get that’s how the old studio show was, and we’re trying to honor and respect that, but … If we could change that in future tapings, that’d be cool.

What Worked: Eli Drakes Promo

Drake is out for an interview - “Atlanta is NWA country … he’s cutting an old school southern wrestling type of promo.. Says things are a little bit different here. Says there’s a bunch of children in the other company. Says it’s all men in this company. Been all over, warning all the champs that his time is coming. Pretty hot promo.

What worked: Caleb Konley

I came into this totally unfamiliar with Caleb Konley and left pretty damn impressed with the young man. I would say that it’s safe to say he will be one of the first “home grown” talents that the NWA will see fans clamoring towards. He and Drake had a pretty damn entertaining match - one i’d like to see a rematch of.

What Worked: Jocephus is in studio screaming for Storm.

Jocephus is still in studio screaming for Storm. “GET HIM OUT HERE. WHERE IS STORM. WHERE IS STORM. Cornette and Joecephus arguing. James Storm comes out instead. I don’ think Jocephus wants this kind of Storm. Storm cutting a promo on Jocephus. Says Jocephus is the kind of guy that pretends to be tough. Says the business is filled with guys who couldn’t walk a mile in his shoes. They trading fists now. “Let them fight” chants fill the studio.

I wanted to like Jocephus in that original run at the NWA title with Tim Storm, but that whole advisor gimmick kind of annoyed the fuck out of me. So I tapped out on him. But this bit, this angle, and James Storms answering of it and Jocephus running around scared to death … so damn entertaining.

What Worked: The NWA World Title Match - Aldis v. Storm III

I think it’s III … I could be wrong. All I know is that over the course of his NWA title reigns, Aldis has become one of my favorite performers. Everything he does is done with genuineness. He puts off the arrogance of a champion that you can put stock into as a legitimate bad ass - but has the undertones of a good dude who is just doing what he needs to do to put food on the table for his family. There was a lot of heart in this match - more than what you’ll find on a Monday night, if you ask me. Storm always surprises me with his ability.

What MAY NOT Work: The fine line.

I love the retro feel of this brand right now. It hits upon so many of the things that built love and interest in the sport for me, personally. But I DO fear that if they cater too much to that past, if there’s no organic maturation and look of the product … that it comes off as live action cosplay.

I don’t think William Corgan or Dave Lagana will allow that. This was an amazing hour of pro wrestling television.

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