bWb’s Podcast Round Up: The best things I’ve listened to this week.

bWb’s Podcast Round Up: The best things I’ve listened to this week.

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This weeks’ shows:

Total Engagement w/ Matt Koon: “The Greatest Angle Ever.”

This was the first “feud” that captured my full attention as a young man growing up in Mid-Michigan. You had the larger than life Hulk Hogan, his best friend Paul Orndorff and the charismatic Roddy Piper as your key players - but what exactly was the REAL story. I’d never listened to this program before, but this show is to be listened too.

No Particular Angle w/JPQ: Tony Deppen Interview

Deppen is rising quickly up the ranks of the independent wrestling circuit - and promises to continue that run. JPQ sits down and discusses Deppens journey thus far - this is a reairing of a previously released podcast; but I felt with Deppens increasing exposure on Beyond Wrestling’s flagship program, #Uncharted Territory, it was fitting to include it today.

Smark To Death - Interview with Kris Statlander

It’s very rarely that I get jealous, but this is one of those times. I’ve been trying for a long time to secure an interview with Statlander, whom I feel is in the top 3 of the independent wrestling scene currently. As do all women and aliens, she refused to return phone calls, so you’ll have to listen to Anthony talk with one of the most interesting and entertaining personalities of the squared circle.

Amy and Andy Enjoy Wrestling - A tribute to the dead (not really) Marty Scurll

Amy is no stranger to the podcasting or twitter wrestling world. Her infectious love for pro wrestling is beautiful and at times scary ( i mean, i don’t think I’ve seen her rant about WWE programming ever… she’s either a saint or a robot!!) Amy joins her pizza loving, booze drinking, music playing husband, Andy, for a podcast that unites the love of pro wrestling with the love of two lovers. Wait. That kind of got saucy, for a sec, huh?

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