NWAPowerrr: Episode 4

NWAPowerrr: Episode Four
Report filed by Dennis DuBay
Original Airdate: 10/29/19

We’re back again for another episode of Powerrr. I’ve already been spoiled this week, with GCW’s show last night - but this show will be markedly different, obviously. Flash back to last week’s episodes MONTAGE. MONTAGE!

I still think they put Storm in a mask before it’s all said and done. The soundtrack for Powerrr is top of the line - Dave Lagana is the master of these promo reels. It really puts you in the mood for pro wrestling. A serious tone is set.

I still fucking can’t get over how awesome the intro song is. “Into the fire” by Dokken was born for this show. Goddamn. I want more Jocephus today. I can’t believe I’ve said this.

James Storm is out to cut a promo. He’s pissed off. He’s tired of having to prove himself to the NWA and the fans. His resume speaks for itself. Says Nick Aldis is ducking him, as is Colt Cabana. Cabana comes out to argue with Storm. Cabana says Storm stole the title from him, and he wants his belt back. Eli Drake is out now as well. Shits getting hairy out here my friends.

Now Aldis is out here. Drake tells Aldis he has no issue with him, says he owes Storm a shot at the title. Aldis basically calls Storm a drunk. Says Drake wants to be him. Aldis says it’s time to solve this problem in the ring. Looks like we’re having a six man tag. If Aldis’s team wins, Cabana gets a rematch. If Storms team wins, he gets a shot at the ten pounds of gold. If that happens, Storm has to give up the National Title. INTERESTING!

Flashback to the Aldis won’t let Kamille talk deal.

Trevor Murdoch v. Jocephus

Murdoch has lost his smile. Says he’s had to work for everything he’s ever gotten in this business. He’s here for a contract. He wants to work for the NWA. Says Jochephus shouldn’t be suspended - he should have a match with Murdoch. They are going to handle business the way men do. In the damn ring. Jocephus is out. He’s tired of being goofed on by shapeshifters. Corgan is out to get him. Spiritual advisor has set up a lot of pain for Murdoch, apparently. Jocephus attacks Murdoch from behind.

Slobber knocker brawl. Jocephus had some meth in a bag (Just a guess) but Murdoch kicked it and it landed in Jocephus’s face.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch.

Promo for Thunder Rosa. Aron Stevens is out to talk. He’s wearing a blouse. He said so. Ricky Starks is out. Steven’s thinks he wants to be his stunt double. Starks said “Nah,”. Starks is doing something with his hand. Steven’s says he looks ridiculous. Starks slaps the taste from Steven’s mouth and says he talks too much.

Flashback to The Dawson’s attacking Kingston & Homicide. Austin Idol commercial. Promo for the Rock n Roll Express. They are coming soon!

The Dawsons v. Kingston & Homicide - NO DQ

Right to fisticuffs. Outside the ring. Just some friendly studio murdering going on. You know, some strangling. Some eye gouging. Some ring apron head smashing. Speaking of which, the ring is mic’d for sure. Loud as fuck. Kingston fucks his hand up, chopping Dawson outside the ring but missing and chopping the ring post. THAT HURTS! He can’t use it as a weapon now. Dave Dawson targeting the hand. Homicide on the other side uses the cable to strangle Dawson. Ref has lost all control. Tom Latimer interfered but it was all for naught.

Winners: The Dawsons

Promo for the Who Is The Mark. Marti Belle cutting a recorded promo. Says she’s worthy of a title shot, regardless if Allysin Kay is her friend or not. Cuts to promo of Kay telling Vox she’s not ready yet for her title.

Marti Belle v. Ashley Vox

Kay is out to cut a promo before their match. Says she loves Marti - but doesn’t think she’s ready. Says Vox has to prove herself tonight. Cornette doesn’t think she’s being sincere at all. Vox has been a revelation for me. Really dig her look and her movements in the ring. Neither out right dominated the match, though it felt like it was Belle’s match to win for most of the match for some reason, but Vox pulls out the surprise victory. Kay is impressed, if not shocked, gives Vox a clap.

THUNDER ROSA!!!!! She wants some of Belle.Belle exits ring. Probably the wise thing to do. And now we’re watching a Tony Falk commercial.

Winner: Ashley Vox

Cornette and Galle talk about the big six man match for a little bit.

Aron Stevens v. Ricky Starks

If Stevens wins, We RIOT. I mean, I understand this is taped and the sentiment to RIOT now would be lost .. but I really want to RIOT. If Starks was about a foot taller Vince would already have him signed, I think. He’s got the in-ring work and the undeniable IT factor outside of the ring. Steven’s with shady actions gives him the upperhand. A Captain Morgan chant has begun and I’m living for it. Starks prevails - almost grabbed some trunks, but didn’t. Steven’s arguing with the fans. A yes, no argument. Not sure what started this, but I love it.

Winner: Ricky Starks.

Main Event: Team Aldis (w/Cabana & Anderson) v. Team Storm (w/Thomas Latimar & Royce Issacs (NWA Tag Champs)

Really solid match. Quick tags in the early moments of the match with the tag champs doing most the bidding for Storms team. Team Aldis is tagging in and out amongst all three. Storm saving himself for when it counts, I guess. Storms in now and he is EXPLOSIVE my friends. Let’s talk about Storm for a minute. Helluva talent. Great on the mic and super solid in the ring. I want to see him run with the world title even if it means taking it off Aldis, who makes for a perfect champion for this company right now. A helluva feud could be established between these two. Hot tag to Anderson. I’m not sure if Aldis has even been in this match yet, now that I’m thinking about it. I should really stop drinking while filing these reports. Anderson with a near pinfall. Anderson with a mic check on Latimer. Aldis in now and he and Storm double clothesline each other. Fans are loving it as all six men are laying in the ring. NWA CHANT. Cabana leal man, wiped out by Storm. Storm with a superkick attempt, Cabana bails, Issacs gets a mouthful of cowboy boot. Aldis hits Latimer and Cabana covers him.

Winner: Team Aldis - Colt Cabana now the #1 contender for the NWA National Championship.


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