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Indian Summer

Krude doesn't care if he is politically correct or not. I say what I say. Using a term such as Indian Summer as inspiration for this blog could cause hypersensitive types to explode. Fuck 'em. Life is too short to get lectured about the nature of certain names. Get a life motherfucker.

The crux of this blog will deal with global warming and it's effects on our seasons. Living in the Northeastern part of USA means that winter,spring,summer and fall are perpetual events to expect. But since our climate is being compromised by our homespun ultra Capitalists, seeing and feeling seasons is a totally different thing in 2019.

95 degrees on a Thursday. 43 degrees on the following Saturday. Then back up to 80 degrees. None of these temperatures come close to this locations average for a October.

Bitching about weather is a sign of life drag boredom. It's a common conversation starter. When I recently heard somebody use the term Indian Summer to describe our recent weather,I had to laugh. I remember a time when mild October and early November weather was a reality. But never with 40 degree temperature shifts every other day. What was this older broad thinking when she opened her mouth waiting on a line to get pork roll on a bagel?

If society by in large cannot work together to try and curtail Global Warming NOW, it will be too late. The damage is already done. Politicians have been paid off by fossil fuel pimps to shut up. International climate agreements have shitcanned by a spray tanned dolt. The super wealthy don't care because they can afford to live on by rocketing to the Moon or Mars. But me and you and all our kin are the true victims in this debacle.

So the next time you head to the beach in the middle of Fall,remember why this is happening. We are human. There is only so much nonsense our bodies can withstand. And when we lose total control of our seasonal climates, the SHIT will hit the fan. That's a guarantee and Vegas won't take odds on it. Au revoir....

Freon for breakfast!


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