The Krude Experience - On With The Show

On With The Show

Without commercialism, most of what we consider entertaining couldn't survive. Krude gets his kicks with or without cash. To me,its all about the company one keeps. Not the $ spent searching for mental and spiritual fulfillment.

Hollywood movies in particular are made to make outlandish amounts of cash.If a movie is made for $15 million and only returns $5 million in tickets sales, you can't expect a similar movie to be made anytime soon. Money talks. And when money talks, EVERYBODY listens. That is the nature of commercialism. Say hi to the next Marvel super hero movie. YOU bought it.

NFL professional football league is another example of prime commercialism. If the product on the field doesn't generate enough profits,then the product on the field will change to reflect maximum profits. Notice I didn't use the word sport. NFL games are not listed as a competitive sport. NFL games are officially listed as entertainment. Just like going to a movie. Not like boxing or mixed martial arts which has to be sanctioned state by state. Entertainment. Plain and simple. Put the best players on the field. And let them entertain the masses. And make the whole charade seem legit. Massive dog and pony shows held in huge stadiums. Hopefully your favorite team generates tons of cash. Players play to win. Owners own to profit.

Concert tickets and recorded music sales are the most pressing dichotomy in commercialism today. The price of concert tickets has risen at an alarming rate (with most people gladly paying higher prices). While record sales (cd,vinyl,download) have been anemic for well over a decade now. It the past, the opposite views were taken on these topics: record sales were massive and concert tickets were priced fair. So in the end, touring artists are using inflated ticket prices to offset the losses of record sales and residuals. On with the show. Keep the revenue flowing..... Damn the layman and his daily life needs!

I hate being manipulated by something I enjoy doing in the name of maximum profits.It's a constant battle I will be fighting until I croak. That's a bummer. That's life. Mahalo

Buy the ticket,take the ride...


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