NWAPowerrr - Episode 2 Review

NWAPowerrr Episode Two - "Clickbait"
What Worked, What Didn't


Last Week's Review: https://www.bumwinebob.com/2019/10/nwa-powerrr-episode-one-what-worked.html

What Worked: That intro of the first episode

The music, so eerie, so elegant, so poignant. It made Storm (both), Drake and Aldis look like a million bucks. And that Dokken cut is so great ...

What Didn't Work: Aaron Stevens promo

While I loved the audience's interaction with Stevens, I just didn't by into the heelish undertones of someone who we're supposed to be happy to see back - If it's comedy, then I guess I get it, but it comes off as MJFLite.

What Worked: Trevor Murdoch

LOVE seeing Murdoch in the ring in the NWA. He looks the part of an NWA wrestler. You could pluck him from the 10's and insert him into the 80's and he wouldn't miss a beat. Really dug the whole damn match, between Murdoch and Starks.

What Worked: Ricky Starks

Really liked the interview after the match. Very charismatic. Gives me a "The Rock" vibe - in an unpolished way, if that makes sense. Some throw away cliche catch phrases that could be lost for my liking.

What Didn't Work: The "Into The Fire" PPV logo.

I mean ... I get that we live in an emoji world, but .. that was worse than Nick Jackson's teeshirt design.

What Worked: The light heartedness.

At first, I was a bit annoyed with the laughing and joking but then I realized something. That's what's missing from the WWE ... the passion and happiness. AEW has a light hearted feel, but there is no way to emulate the emotions felt in a studio. It's such a personal way of watching the sport, that the audience becomes the third man in the ring.

What Didn't Work: Camera angles

At times, the camera work took me out of the match. Ropes in the way of faces, missing action at times - all things I'm sure will be worked out in coming episodes.

What Worked: Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox

Man, Kay is ... amazing, on the mic and in the ring. A total ring general. And I'm not hugely familiar with Vox, but she has superstar written all over her.

What Worked: James Storm/Eli Drake interaction

Boy howdy, do these fuckers know how to cut some promos. I was never an Eli Drake fan. That's over with right now. I'm fully invested in this guy now. I'm buying what he's selling. And Storm needs to hold the NWA title before it's all said and done.

What Didn’t Work: Aldis & Galli “feud”

I didn’t really find the back-n-forth between the two, to be all that entertaining. Galli comes off as more pompous then searching for the story. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe this is commentary on the wrestling “journalists” that overstep and overstate their importance in the wrestling business.

So maybe I just worked myself into a What Worked … Brother.

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