Uncharted Territory - Episode Three, Season Two Review

Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 3
October 17, 2019
Live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA
Report filed by: Tiffany Rose

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Three episodes into the second season of Uncharted Territory and not only does Thursday night belong to Beyond Wrestling, but the show’s also feeling more and more like a safe (and relatively sane) haven for wrestling fans who like to keep the drama inside the ring for the most part. The card for tonight’s episode looks like we’re in store for another hell of a ride, too - the Mercedes Martinez/David Starr match is one that gets me hyped up as well as seeing what will happen in the Discovery Gauntlet. Deppen is back again to claim the Gauntlet as his own, but I’m not one to count out AJ Gray after seeing how well he’s done this year on the mid-south scene. This week’s show will also have what I think may be a show stealer with Puf versus Brandon Thurston with the stipulation that if Puf wins, Thurston will have to give Jay Freddie another match to prove who’s the better man. I’m willing to bet on Puf for that one; plus I’m already ready to see Freddie take on Thurston one more time with a fair and square finish. Let’s go!

Tonight’s commentary: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella

A note here on the tenacity of our commentary team - not only did Paul put up with Sidney throughout a wildly intense episode of Uncharted Territory tonight, but he did it while running a high fever and battling illness. HUGE props and much love to Crockett for powering through an incredible show!

Match 1: Team Pazuzu vs. The Butcher and the Blade

Our opening contest has the recently reunited Chris Dickinson and Pinkie Sanchez squaring off against Pepper Parks and Andy Williams. This was a good blend of big-man athleticism, flying, and out-and-out brawling. The match started out with Pepper Parks vs Dirty Daddy mixing it up, then we had action with Andy Williams vs Pinkie Sanchez. Pinkie brought the fight despite the obvious size difference against both opponents and Dickinson coordinated excellently with his partner with lots of great double-team cooperation throughout the bout. The end of the match came with a beautiful moonsault from Pinkie Sanchez onto Andy Williams for the win in this banger of an opening match, proving that Beyond has the best division out there at the moment when it comes to tag teams!

Match 2: Brandon Thurston vs Puf (stipulation: if Puf wins, Thurston gives Jay Freddie a rematch)

The story leading into this next match was a compelling one as Puf let us know last week that Thurston was the trainer who denied him a chance, and now it was his time to prove his worth. We see a harder side of big Puf tonight as both men let us know early that this was definitely not a time to play around. At first glance Puf may have seemed completely outclassed here, but the big dude was strong enough to put in work against Thurston’s submission moves, even engaging in a striking match with hard punches landed from both men. Puf even landed a wonderful Tenzan Driver but Thurston had enough in him to kick out. Puf refused to go down easily himself after a stiff series of kicks by Thurston. It was Thurston, however, who came through with the win by submission much to the disappointment of the crowd and to all who were watching. Thurston took to the mic after the match (while showing total disrespect to Puf by sitting on him for the duration) to let the crowd know how magnanimous he was feeling by announcing that he will indeed give Jay Freddie his rematch on next week’s episode. After this piss poor display of sportsmanship I’m ready for Freddie to kick his ass. We’ll see how it goes down next week!

Match 3: Anthony Greene & Ava Everett vs Pretty Proper (Lady Frost & Victor Benjamin)

Pretty Proper has arrived on the scene in their Uncharted Territory debut! This was one lively and energetic intergender tag match (with most of the energy coming from the 90s baby Ava Everett!) that started out with AG kissing Lady Frost’s hand to show great sportsmanship. Ava was indeed fired up tonight and brought the fire when she was tagged in, a highlight of the match being a gorgeous chokeslam on Lady Frost that brought out an ‘Ava-Taker’ chant from the Beyond faithful. I’ve been impressed for a while with AG - he fucks, you know - and I was equally dazzled by the gentleman Victor Benjamin as both men are in excellent shape. Lady Frost showed amazing agility as well with another highlight being her beautiful handspring cannonball and a moonsault to the floor that took out all of the competitors at once. The end of this tag match had AG hitting a devastating piledriver on Lady Frost for the win for his team, but I undoubtedly want to see more of Pretty Proper on Uncharted Territory. Please come back!

Match 4: Tony Deppen vs AJ Gray (Discovery Gauntlet match)

There were many of us who looked at tonight as the end of the road for Tony Deppen’s winning streak as AJ Gray made his debut on Uncharted Territory in the Discovery Gauntlet, and it felt like it was time for Deppen’s fun to come to a conclusion after weeks of making the Gauntlet his own personal playground. This was a great back-and-forth bout with the crowd solidly behind Gray, who was a powerhouse in the beginning of this match. Gray spent much of the match dominating Deppen with a big ass brainbuster and a huge leg drop from the top rope. You don’t see many impressive top-rope leg drops these days but Gray damn sure brought the thunder tonight and Deppen felt it (and will likely feel it for days). Gray continued to impress in this match with a superplex off the top rope and followed with a sick piledriver, showing the Beyond faithful why he’s made such a name for himself down south. Somehow(!!)...somehow, Deppen was able to pull off yet another victory in the Discovery Gauntlet, this time hitting a terrific shining wizard on Grey and getting the pinfall win. How does he keep doing it? More importantly, who’s going to be the one to finally take him out? Deppen took to the mic post-match and called out Joshua Bishop for next week’s Discovery Gauntlet match. It’ll be high drama next week when we see if Bishop can be the one to finally knock Deppen off the top of the mountain he’s currently standing (and gloating) on!

Match 5: Nick Gage vs Kenn Doane with Club Cam (Open Challenge)

We’ve got another open challenge match this week with The Fuckin’ Guy! Nick Gage comes out fired up and equally firing up the crowd, literally pulling people to their feet as he makes his way to the ring. He’s going to need that fire as we find out that this week it’s none other than Kenn Doane (along with Club Cam per usual) who’s answering the open challenge. Gage doesn’t lose a moment of energy in the beginning of the match as he went for the plunder early with a steel chair, paying little mind to the threat of Club Cam sticking around at ringside. As to be expected with the King of the Deathmatches, hard-ass steel chairs were the order of the day here and Doane was shown absolutely no quarter as Gage proceeded to beat the hell out of him in front of his comrades. As the action spilled outside of the ring, Club Cam wisely backed off as things got even more brutal. However, as we now know, the boys in the Club don’t stay far away from trouble for too long. Interference from Club Cam allowed Doane to get a pinfall on Gage, making the already worked-up crowd livid. Thankfully the referee wasn’t having any of their chicanery and promptly reversed the decision, instead awarding the victory to Gage.

Club Cam proceeded to deliver a beat-down on Gage that was interrupted by Bear Country, who came out not only to even the score but to arrive for the next bout, a tag team match with Christian Casanova and Richard Holliday with the other members of Club Cam still at ringside.

Match 6: Bear Country vs Christian Casanova and Richard Holliday (with Club Cam)

After Bear Country came out to intervene on the attack on Gage, order was quickly restored long enough to ring the bell - our next match is on! We begin this one with the Bears giving a well-deserved mauling to the Club Cam entourage. Casanova and Holliday eventually see the tide turn their way in the middle of the match but not for long as the Bears powered right back and took the fight back in their favor. This was another great display of athleticism by Bear Country as we saw incredible toughness and dexterity shown from Bear Beefcake with a dive to the outside taking out their opponents and later suplexing both opponents (at once!!). The Bears went for the Elevator Drop later in the match but it was Holliday who would take out the knee of Bear Bronson, allowing his team to capitalize momentarily. However, just as we all thought we may see a Club Cam match with a clean finish for once, up comes Cam Zagami himself to distract the referee as Thomas Sharp ran interference. Thankfully this scheme backfired to Bear Country’s advantage as Sharp’s physical involvement only led to embarrassment and the Bears took the pin and win over Casanova and Holliday.

Clearly upset by his own bad judgement, Cam took to the mic to likely lay the blame on Sharp but thankfully we’ll never know what was to be said, as Josh Briggs quickly made his way to the ring for the next scheduled match!

Match 7: Josh Briggs vs Thomas Sharp (with Club Cam)

The action did not stop for one moment after Cam grabbed the mic to rant about the mistake he made leading to the loss; Josh Briggs immediately jumped into the ring ready for battle and also jumped right into a rough big boot to the face from The World’s Worst Bodyguard to start things off. Briggs, however, doesn’t stay down for long and battles back. Sharp took the fight to the big man and seemed to be doing his best efforts, but all of his involvement in the previous two matches likely took its toll. Briggs was able to overpower Sharp for a sound victory via pinfall, leaving Club Cam 0-3 for the night - much to the dismay of his teammates. Club Cam entered the ring after the match and it definitely wasn’t a “tough love” moment like Christian Casanova received this past weekend at Sodom and Gomorrah after his loss - this was a clear message being sent to Thomas Sharp that his services in the group were no longer wanted or needed. Sharp receives a post-match beatdown from Club Cam for his troubles, ejecting him from the group for good. Much like Casanova, however, Sharp doesn’t need Club Cam at all to get ahead in Beyond Wrestling. Here’s to hoping that the next few weeks will have Sharp returning the beatdown he got tonight to all remaining members of the lamest club in the world.

Match 8: David Starr vs. Mercedes Martinez

It’s an absolute dream match for tonight’s main event! Everybody knew this one was going to tear the house down and these two proved us right with the legendary Martinez out-wrestling one of the true masters of the ring in the beginning of the bout. Starr had no plans to take Martinez lightly at all in this genuinely classic catch-as-catch-can match that saw everything from technicality to brutality. The crowd showed much rightly-deserved respect to both competitors. These two wrestled like champions and yet beat the SHIT out of each other at the same time. Even commentators Crockett and Bakabella found themselves speechless at the intensity of this match. Martinez had to have taken everything Starr had in his arsenal but she wanted even more as the match pushed on past the 15 and 20 minute points! Just as it seemed she was out, Martinez proved to us that there’s a reason why she’s considered the greatest women’s wrestler (and one of the greatest wrestlers) working today. This main event has quickly made its way up there on my list of favorite Beyond Wrestling matches and must be seen in its entirety to be believed. This was THE most outstanding main event we’ve had all season in a 29:51 minute match with Starr taking the win in a battle that took everyone’s breath away. Starr took to the mic after the match and praises Martinez as a legend. “If you wanna have the best fucking match on the show, you wrestle Mercedes Martinez!”

Yes sir, you are right.

Starr then went on to announce his intent to go after the current reigning IWTV Champion Warhorse, which prompted dueling chants from the crowd of “He’s no Starr!” and “HE RULES ASS!” I’ll tell you now, that’s going to be one that no one should miss. With the year Warhorse has had and with the legacy that Starr continues to build, there’s no way for me to make a prediction on the outcome of what will be another exceptional championship match. I just want to see it take place as soon as possible whether it’s in Beyond or anywhere on the indie scene!

Post-Show Thoughts
Well damn. I’ve been sitting here for minutes trying to process everything I’ve just seen tonight. Greatest episode of the season so far! I say that, but I see that the card is already stacked to the ceiling for next week. It’s pretty safe to say that Season 2 of Uncharted Territory has surpassed the first season, and I’m enjoying the hell out of what’s being delivered. How great it is to be able to ask with genuine wonder “how are they going to top THAT?!” and find out over the next few weeks how much more magic this promotion will make for its growing fanbase. Much love and respect to Beyond Wrestling for continuing to be the little show that could, will, and DOES the damn thing!

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