A Call For Voices

Are you passionate about pro wrestling? Do you watch everything you can get your eyes on? Do you wish you had an outlet for your thoughts on the business? Do you love an indy promotion that you feel needs more exposure? I'm looking for writers.

Show Reviewers: I'm looking for Raw, NXT and SmackDown review writers.

Also looking for people to review various indy shows that the amazing Tiffany Rose can't.

Opinionated pieces are also sought after.

And if you're looking to write something entirely different, something sports related or movie related or entertainment based ... we're looking to expand in all fronts.

What does it pay? Nothing. Right now. That could change down the road. Bob has a vision of what the whole page will envelope, soon. Jumping in now will secure your place in our good graces.

DM me for the wrestling side of things, DM @BumWineBob for anything else you might like to contribute to the site.

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