House of 100,000 Thumbtacks - Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory, Episode 5

Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 5
October 31, 2019
Live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA
By Tiffany Rose - Support Our Writers

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It’s Halloween night and Beyond Wrestling didn’t miss a single trick with all the treats they have in store for us on tonight’s Uncharted Territory! We’ve got a number of Beyond debuts to look forward to as well as a card packed full of the biggest names on the independent wrestling scene. I’m pretty damn excited to see Mance Warner for the first time on the show as he goes up against Nick Gage in a 100,000 Thumbtack match; you just know that one’s going to be brutal, bloody, and a hell of a good time. Then we’ve got the debut I’ve been waiting for all month as Gaytanic Panic (Effy and Danhausen) take on Team Pazuzu. I’ve only seen a handful of Danhausen matches but I’m already in lovehausen with the dear boy; of course Effy has my heart as well and I’ve got a feeling this team is going to go together like Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate. Lock the doors and keep all of the candy for yourself, because it’s time to get started!

Tonight’s commentary: Drew Cordeiro and Josh Briggs
Beyond Wrestling’s man behind the curtain DC and Josh Briggs take the commentary booth tonight, giving Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella the night off. Bakabella wasn’t hard to find tonight, though, as he gave his own running commentary on Twitter (@sbakabella for all the laughs) on how terrible he thought the guys were doing!

Dark match: Josh Briggs vs. John Silver
This evening’s dark match was another chance for John Silver (who’s had a great past couple of weeks, including two appearances on AEW Dynamite) to show he’s taken Eddie Kingston’s inspiration to heart. The Meatman delivered once again tonight as Silver got the victory over Briggs in what could be called an upset or a surprise win - but can it really be so surprising since he’s been on a roll lately? Next week Silver takes on Christian Casanova in what should be a damn good match up; let’s just hope Club Cam doesn’t do anything to disturb his great run as of late.

Match 1: Leyla Hirsch vs Jody Threat
Leyla, who’s returning to this second season of Uncharted Territory after an excellent recent run in Germany with wXw, put on a great showcase of strength against Threat. Leyla’s suplexes are some of the best I’ve ever seen from any wrestler and Threat took a lot of them in this match, which had to have left her reeling, or as Dennis put it, “scrambled brains and ham I am!” Although Threat’s a strong competitor in her own right, Leyla’s toughness proved too much for her tonight and Hirsch took the impressive victory. Let’s have more of Jody Threat on upcoming shows; she’s one of the great discoveries in women’s wrestling I’ve seen lately thanks to Beyond Wrestling!

Match 2: Wheeler Yuta vs. Thomas Santell
Maybe it’s time to start referring to the Ovaltine Dream as Savage Santell? This match was a brutal demonstration of stretching, technical holds, and downright dirty play on Santell’s part. Yuta verified that he’s just as resilient as he is tenacious, though, working through the pain of a weakened leg that Santell just would not let up on. This match had plenty of submission holds and a relentless new-found offense from the Ovaltine Dream. Santell takes the victory via submission for this one, showing off his dirty side with a rough ankle lock. Nerder Death Kill is still alive and well since it looks like Santell’s adopted Nick Gage’s ring mentality for the long run!

Match 3: Anthony Greene & Platinum Hunnies vs. Harlow O'Hara & The Batiri
We had Retro Generation X tonight as the Platinum Hunnies arrived with Anthony Greene dressed as HBK, HHH, and Chyna! This was a first for me to see Harlow and the Batiri teaming up together and they did not come to Uncharted Territory for fun and games. Seemed quite difficult to get a legal person in this spectacle of a six-man tag match at the beginning, but we were all entertained so it was fine! Harlow & Batiri came to fight tonight, and they brought a good battle to this match. Harlow came through with the win for her team after delivering a Canadian Destroyer to AG for the pinfall win; rare to see that move as a finisher but we’re in rare form tonight with this episode.

Match 4: Puf vs. Kevin Blackwood
This match up features two who trained together now going to battle against each other; the beginning of the match has Blackwood making an offering of a Rick and Morty collectible Funko Pop to Puf as what could be a sign of friendship...until Blackwood STOMPS ON IT, angering Puf and inciting the fight. Friendship aside for now! Blackwood brought his best efforts to the ring this evening but could not take Puf out no matter how hard he tried. Puf showed his aggressive side mid-match after an onslaught by Blackwood, allowing the big man to gain momentum and hits a devastating pile driver that Blackwood kicked out of much to everyone’s surprise. Puf takes him out for the three-count just moments later, however, with one HELL of a banzai splash. Damn good match between good friends!

Match 5: Team Tremendous vs The Bird and the Bee (with Officer Magnum and Rookie Mick Murray)
Both of these teams consider themselves to be tremendous, but the winner would truly determine who’s most deserving of the term! Willow Nightingale looks great upon returning to the ring and put in a lot of hard work in this match as well as took the most damage. Dan Barry and Bill Carr showed off both skill and out-and-out savagery in this match as well. Solo Darling always impresses me at how she defies any height disadvantage and just kicks ass. Crazy near falls in this match, too! Team Tremendous gets the victory on yet another team, but they’re not quite the aces that Bear Country are.

Match 6: Tony Deppen vs Nemesis (Discovery Gauntlet match)
Prior to this match not much was known about Nemesis other than the fact that he personally called out Deppen for a match in the Discovery Gauntlet. We wouldn’t have to wait long to find out who the man behind the mask was, though, because right after the introductions Nemesis revealed himself to be none other than Matt Makowski, the very same individual who Deppen took out in the first episode of season two! Makowski was back for revenge and back to take his rightful spot in the Discovery Gauntlet, which he did in a decisive victory over Deppen by submission. Now that Tony’s toppled from the top of the mountain, it’s Makowski who will go on next week to face the next challenger in the Discovery Gauntlet, “All Day” O’Shay Edwards.

Match 7: Team Pazuzu vs. Gaytanic Panic
It’s what we’ve been waiting for since it was first announced - Danhausen and Effy debuting on Uncharted Territory as Gaytanic Panic! Leading up to this match we saw a series of fun backstage vignettes showing us how both Effy and Danhausen would mesh as a team, complete with facepaint and fishnets. I absolutely loved it! Team Pazuzu is out first with Pinkie dressed up as Jesus, which was a blessing in itself. Gaytanic Panic arrives next and their charisma is off the charts; you can’t help but adore both these guys. It was a Battle of the Daddies in this match with Chris Dickinson and Effy being the dominant figures, but we had a considerable amount of action from El Presidente and Danhausen as well, including some mid-match fun with Danhausen doing the Tequila dance (Pee-Wee style of course) while kicking ass. Effy’s just as much of a bad-ass in tag team matches as he is in deathmatches, and I want to see more of him on Uncharted Territory. Team Pazuzu takes the victory tonight but I’m certain we’ll see both Effy and Danhausen on more episodes in the future. I demand it!

Match 8: Nick Gage vs. Mance Warner (100,000 Thumbtack Match)
In a match that was perfect for Halloween, Mance Warner made his Uncharted Territory debut in a way that only the Southern Psycho could - he showed up to fight Nick Gage in a damn match full of thumbtacks! This one was savage, and that’s putting it in the mildest of terms. Buckets full of thumbtacks, a thumbtacked bat, even a jack-o-lantern spiked with thumbtacks...and of course a door placed in the ring just for fuckery purposes! Anyone else may have had their reservations about a match like this, but both Gage and Mancer live for the craziest and wildest battles and they both put on a show for us in the main event. It should be noted that this is also Mancer’s first time back in action after recovering from a collapsed lung, so this only goes to show you that the man is willing to jump back into the fire (and into the damn thumbtacks) with zero hesitation. You really have to see this whole match to believe how crazy it got - we started out with both men engaging in a punch fest, then slamming each other into the tacks, then it escalated into thumbtacks being shoved and poured in mouths, and by the end of the match we had Mancer with both boots off and wrestling on a mat covered with thumbtacks(!!) and both men looking like either pincushions or cork board with tacks sticking out of them from head to toe. Gage took the victory at the end of this but damn if Mancer didn’t take the fight to him as well and show Uncharted Territory (for anyone who didn’t yet know) that he’s one of the toughest men in wrestling.

Post-Show Thoughts
Please pardon the condensed match reviews for this episode, after all it was Halloween and your girl had to party! This was the most fun I’ve had watching Uncharted Territory all season with both the crowd and the wrestlers dressed up in costumes and the excellent line up of matches (with both debuts and returns) on the card. I’d love to see a Halloween themed episode every year now after seeing how Beyond goes all out like this!

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