Rise notes - Eminating from the Berwyn Eagles Club
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Report filed by Dennis D.

Elayna Black & Hawlee Cromwell v. Dust & Ash (W/Rosemary)

Elayna Black continues to impress. Match wasn't long enough for me, as I wanted
to see Black get a little more work in - but I understand why it was quick. We needed to get to the Su Yung pop.

Lindsay Snow v. Thunderkitty

This is going to be a common theme in my writing of this show, but I'm not fully familiar with Lindsay Snow - but what I saw tonight was pretty damn good. My opinion, and this is based off of just one match - work on conditioning and she's gold. Seemed to tire quickly. She has a dynamic look.

Mercedes Martinez & Miranda Alize v. Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo

2019 has seen the reemergence of Mercedes Martinez and I am not upset with that. She commands the ring when she's in it and everything she does means something. I'm intrigued by a Martinez/Vox singles match. Vox has really grabbed some momentum the past few weeks with her debut on NWAPowerrr being a key component of that momentum.

Candy Lee v. Jamie Senegal - "Diva's Match"

Going into the match, I had heard big things about Jamie Senegal. And while he had a strong performance, it was Candy Lee, for me, who stole the show. I'd never watched her wrestle before - but believe me, when she hit that Split End's maneuver, I stood up and took notice. Look forward to seeing more of her.

Allysin Kay v. Taya Valkyrie - "Savage AF Match"

This was my main event, just so we're all clear, here. Kay and Valkyrie are two of the reasons I've fallen in love with women's wrestling. Kay exemplifies the term "Bad Ass" but in such a classy savage way. And what can you say about Valkyrie. She's just so damn good. The chemistry of these two, in ring, on the mic, really set this match apart from the rest for me. The gimmickry of the match was fun, as well. There were three hidden items (in trash cans) that really brought the fun in this match. Kay and Valkyrie chugging vodka is all that's right with pro wrestling 2019.

Charlie Evans & Jessica Troy v. Havok & Nevaeh Guardians of Rise Tag Titles

Following the previous match was going to be hard, in my mind, as I enjoyed it so much. Havok's pop was huge. She is clearly over in Berwyn. Knowing nothing about 3/4's of the women in the ring, I just tried to learn from this match. Get an understanding of who Evans, Troy and Nevaeh are. High energy match, looking forward to seeing more of Evans, who I thought was the highlight of this match.

Saraya Knight v. Cassandro El Exotico

It was a fun little match with Colt Cabana as guest referee stealing the show for me. At one point, Cabana announced he loved Exotico.

La Escalera Ladder Elimination Match with winner getting Rise Legendary title shot
Priscilla Kelly v. Hyan v. Ruby Raze v. Jake Atlas v. Jesus Bryce v. Kylie Rae

The pop Rae got was HUGE. I mean ... it was damn impressive. I've really fallen in love with the work of Kelly. I was originally put off by some of her actions that brought her to prmoinance - but then i did some soul searching and realized that you know .. this business has to evolve, and she's part of that evolution. She's clearly passionate about the business, so who the hell am i to throw my old school wrestling mentalities into her career.

This match was chaos .. at least it seemed chaotic to me, I was ten natty ices deep by this point and my mind couldn't keep up with these women! Ending was a bit confusing - but that could have just been me, too.

Really fun match - Had never seen Jesus Bryce or Hyan before, and I enjoyed seeing their performances tonight.

Big Swole v. Laynie Luck - Phoenix of Rise Championship

I've seen a lot of Laynie Luck lately, and that's not a bad thing. Another gal with a really great look. And Swole was Swole in this one. Entertaining match.

Rosemary v. Shotzi Blackheart "No Holds Barred" match

Shotzi is on the goodbye tour, this being her last gig with RISE, before she heads to the Performance Center. I thought the ending was surprising, but I'm not mad at at. There was hijinks and mist involved. Fans threw green balls in the ring and a "Thank you, Shotzi" chant broke out.

This was my first time watching a RISE ppv live as it happened, and I ain't mad, my friends. I'll be back for the next one.

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