NWA Power | Episode 5 | The Women Steal The Show

NWAPowerrr #5
Original Air Date: 11/5/19
Report by Dennis D. 

Recapping last week: Colt Cabana is the #1 contender for James Storm’s National Heavyweight Championship, after Team Aldis (Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana and Anderson) defeated Storms team. Ashley Vox recorded a huge victory over Marti Belle. Jocephus had powdered meth (probably) thrown into his face by Murdoch, and a feud between Aron Stevens and Ricky Starks continues to build.

A highlight reel of last week action plays while the best fucking theme song for a wrestling show begins to play. Right into a live crowd and a Colt Cabana promo. He says he’s going to take back the title he doesn’t believe he lost. Crowd ate it up. Aron Stevens comes out now. Not happy with the way Ricky Starks disrespected him. He is a much better wrestler, has a higher pedigree. The fans love giving this guy the business. Someone just yelled “I hate your face”. Claims to be the great, great, great, great grandson of William Shakespeare. Audible “Shut up,” and “You suck at this,”.

NWA is coming to Retro Mania Wrestling … if you’re a gamer, you know what it is.

The Dawsons v. Mims & Kingsley

Mims & Kingsley making their debut against The Dawsons, who have been heavily featured in the previous four shows. This is one of those moments I have no idea which one is Mims and which one is Kingsley, but it doesn’t matter, The Dawsons are destroying them, so this one might not last too long. Dawsons are tagging in and out quickly. Okay, Mims is the big dude out of the team. He just ate Dawsons foot. Doubt it tasted good. This one’s over. 

Winner: The Dawsons.

Promo for the Dawsons. They want a shot at the World Titles. They’ve beaten everyone in front of them, bulldozered everyone, they deserve a title shot. That brings out Kingston & Homicide. Kingston says he's not here to bitch and moan. You guys won. Congrats. Have a good time. Make your money. But if you want a title shot, why not come wrestle us one more time. They still have a title shot, but Kingston will put it up against them. They say they’ll think about it. 

Tim Storm promo. Really good interview. He comes off as such a quality guy. I can’t wait till he’s bloodying up dudes in a mad pursuit for one last chance at the belt. This interview needs to be seen. Aldis pulls Storm aside and has a heart to heart with him. Says Storm is integral to the rebirth of the NWA. This is really captivating. Aldis says he’s not going to let him walk away from this. Storm seems pissed off by the whole conversation. 

Ashley Vox v. Thunder Rosa 

Cagematch ruined this match for me, as I was doing research on a story about Vox, so I know who wins. It’s still great to see Rosa on the screen. And Vox is looking great again in the ring. Vox getting some offense in. Rosa bounces back though. She’s explosive. Kicks to the kidney. Oh man, she’s vicious with those kicks. I can’t wait to see the Allysin Kay/Thunder Rosa match when it happens. A real nice back and forth match here … Vox has her finisher on Rosa, but Rosa kicks her way out of it. From the top rope onto the back and this one is over.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

Rosa than beats the shit out of her afterwards. Marti Belle comes out to save her, Thunder offers her up to Belle, Belle tells her to get out of the ring.

Marti Belle promo. Says she doesn’t know who Thunder Rosa is but shes got bigger issues. She’s pissed that Kay doesn’t have her back, after all the years of friendship they’ve shared. This brings the champ out. Kay is pissed that Marti is pissed and Thunder Rosa sneak attacks our champion. Mocks her. Belle just watches . Rosa throws her in the ring and continues to pummel Kay. Belle is in the ring now. And BLASTS KAY after a pause. Kay is on her back, Belle is screaming at her. WOW!

Aron Stevens v. Ricky Starks - 2 out of 3 falls match.

Starks picks up a QUICK first fall …three seconds. Breaks a record for the fastest victory of all time. Stevens is stunned. He’s back in the ring now after a 30 second break. Starks almost pins him again quickly. Stevens is back out of the ring. He just ate Starks fist, a solid shot to the mouth. Starks dominating this second tilt. He’s reciting Dickens to Stevens! Starks in full control. Ref breaks up a scrum, allowing Stevens to get a finger in Starks eye. He’s wrestled control of the match from Starks. Veteran move. Stevens dominates for a little bit. Stevens gets caught talking trash and Starks takes advantage as he pulls him down and cradles him for the pin.

Winner: Ricky Starks, 2-0.

MAIN EVENT TIME: James Storm © v. Colt Cabana for the NWA North American Heavyweight Title.

Anderson is in the corner of Cabana, Eli Drake with Storm. I hope Jocephus costs Storm the NA title. That would pop me hard. Storm is a student of the Stone Cold University, trusts no one - so Drake being out there is a bit weird. What is with all the Boom Boom’s tonight? I don’t care for it. It’s Colt Cabana. Not Boom Boom. Nice back and forth out of the gate. I really want Storm to hold the NWA belt. He just has that NWA world champion look to him. Cornettes talking about testicles. Imagine that. Their on the outside now, beating the piss out of each other. Storm getting the better of Cabana, but Cabana is fighting back as the crowd gets loud for Cabana.  Cabana with a big splash into the corner, they both fall to the canvas, Cabana rolls him up, a 2 and ¾ count. Sunset flip and he almost gets Storm again. Storm hits a TKO, out of the ring. Storm then dives feet first to the floor. Storm off the top rope and another close call on the count. Fun match. Storm has Cabana on the ring post, hurt his hand hitting him so hard. Cabana fighting back, drops Storm with an elbow. Another near fall. Fans want a Cabana victory tonight. Cabana runs into a backstabber, another near fall. Storm is in control. Now their just beating the piss out of each other again. Storm hits the eye of the storm and ANOTHER NEAR FALL. Drake is on the ring apron. Anderson pulls him off. They are arguing. Storm is in the corner watching Cabana. Kamille is out now .. Cabana out of nowhere nails Storm, gets the pin. What the HELL IS GOING ON. 

Winner: Colt Cabana NEW North American Heavyweight Champion. 

Storm is pissed. Cabana is gloating. He should probably get out of the ring. Storm says he was a beat man. That this was all because of outside interference. Storm points at Anderson. Think he told him he’s a dead man with his eyes. 

Dawsons are out - they want their match right god damned now. 

The Dawsons v. Kingston & Homicide for rights to the NWA World Tag Title Match.

Kingston and Homicide are out and chaos ensues. Is this even a legal match?? Homicide was doing illegal things to Dawson’s nose. It’s chaos my friends. Kingston’s nose getting pulled off his damn face. Holy hell. This is vicious. Lots of violence man. Back and forth. Wild Card comes out … which brings out THE ROCK N FUCKING ROLL EXPRESS!!! Dawsons run into each other, Homicide with a gringo cutter and Outlaw Inc. with the pinfall. 

Winners: Outlaw Inc. 

RnR Express are back out and raise Outlaw Inc. hands in victory.


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