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Krude is going to write a series of blogs over the next few weeks about Action. The kind of action that comes with living a hedonistic lifestyle: booze, broads and betting. The usual shit I write about. The usual way I live life. Going with what I know. And know well. Pony up. Let's ride...

Part one:

Northern New Jersey Fall 2019

Another Sunday of National Football League games. 1pm to about midnight will be professional football overload for adult East coast weekend warrior sports fanatics.Most will watch the games from home,smartphone or a bar.I watch at a bar.The bar I frequent has a restaurant style menu for chow. Very important detail to this Sunday ritual. 75% of the people at the bar are men. The other 25% women are there to make sure their man is accounted for. 90% of everybody are drunk. Mostly $3 domestic beer. I choose the harder hooch. Wild Turkey or Knob Creek bourbon. $8.75. A Benji bill usually settles my tab at the end of my stay. If I use my debit card that means I met a chick and didn't want to walk over to the cash machine near the exit. Gotta keep the skirt close at all times. Other dudes will make their move if she wanders. Law of averages very accurate in this department.

Since this ritual is taking place in New Jersey, Giants fans start trickling out of the bar at 4:30 pm. Giants lost and this bar being less than one mile from Met Life Stadium makes another Giants loss extra tough on these fans. Except for the few,the proud and the ultra NFL dedicated. These men will stick around for a late 49ers game. While still wearing their home blue Barkley and Danny Jones Giants jerseys. How do I know that these men are here for the 49ers game? It must have been the howls of joy when the Niners put up a quick 14 pts on a cruddy Panthers team. One Giants fan in particular was standing so close to a 4K screen you would think he was mostly blind. All for a money bet on the 49ers. A bet that would net him some cash roughly 3 hours later. All is swell in Swampville NJ. The Action Seekers are here. Drunk. Again. Happy. Again

Win your bets while hanging out with like minded peers. Booze is flowing. Greasy chicken wings toasting your throat.Designated outdoors areas to burn a lung dart a plus.Icing on the cake is the pussy to go home to. Girlfriends who hate football but love money will instantly sniff your winnings by reading your eyes. Wives are just happy you come home smelling like a bar. And they will spend your winnings on themselves. Well, that is the winnings you tell her you made.

This kind of 'action' is widely accepted in society. Betting on sporting events is a not secret practice in everyday normal people life. Sports without gambling attached to it is mostly boring. To live and die by the swing of a bat or a kick through the goal posts IS a natural human function. The adrenaline we felt playing these sports as kids is now felt when a bet equal to a weeks' pay, pays off. Stay tuned.....

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