NWA Power | Episode 7 | "The Phoenix Rises"

NWAPowerrr - Episode 7 - “The Phoenix Rises” Review
Streamed Live From Youtube.Com
Taped In Front of a Live Studio Audience @ the GPB Studio
Original Air Date: November 19th, 2019
By Dennis Dubay

[Note from Dennis: When I wrote this, I didn't catch the "bucket of chicken"... comment from Jim Cornette - I've actively attempted to ignore his commentary. This is just another ridiculous comment made by Cornette. It's getting harder and harder to watch this program with Cornette involved, which is a damn shame because the talent are killing it.]

Welcome back to another Powerrr review - took the week off, last week for a birthday party.  We’re just under a month away from “Into the Fire” on Fite.tv. A quick recap of the Kamille won’t talk angle and the mystery that follows her. 

Dave Marquez interviews Nick Aldis to open the program today. Aldis is doing all these weird dancing moves, i think it was an attempt at extra charisma .. - Marquez pisses Aldis off by bringing up Kamille right out the gate. Says when Kamille is out here on her own, that’s her business, not part of his business. I feel like he’s straying from what makes him awesome .. he’s being way to animated in this promo. Taking on Trevor Murdoch, not for the title, it’s only an exhibition. Murdoch is now waiting for him in the ring. Fans are pissed that Aldis isn’t putting the belt up for grabs. Says Murdoch has seen the belt from behind a glass - and perhaps that’s as close as he’ll ever get. Fans are booing Aldis. Calls Murdoch a “Crafty bastard,” after the match is over. 

Rock n Roll Express come out for an interview with Marquez. Ricky Morton lets the crowd know they have a shot at the NWA World titles, and their gonna become nine time champs. The Champs come out to refute the comments, Latimer says bollocks to that … says RnR Express can kiss his ass. Marquez asks Latimer what his relationship with Kamille is - he says “We’re just friends”. 

Colt Cabana out with Marquez, Question Mark comes out to a HUGE ovation to take on Ricky Starks. Question Mark seems really … familiar. Cabana says he doesn’t have his eye on Starks, Starks has his eye on him. Starks is explosive if not awkward in the ring. Cabana says there’s a lot of people after him for the NA belt. Aron Steven’s attacks Starks to the fans annoyance. Question Mark is teaming up with him, punching Starks in the throat. Cabana comes to Starks aid, fending off Steven’s and Question Mark. 

Jim Cornette announces that Aron Stevens & The Question Mark will be taking on Ricky Starks and Colt Cabana tonight in the main event. Eli Drake out for a promo. He want’s to make some noise. Is this similar to making them go UHHHH? Calls the crowd dummies. Tells Ken Anderson he ain’t hard to find. But if he finds him, his ass might get sent back to Minnesota - calls him an old man. This brings out Anderson. Anderson claims to have wrestled at bar mitzvahs. Need to see that event. Anderson says he’s tired of hearing Drake run his jibs. Not sure what the fuck a jib is. Challenges him to a match right now. Drake takes his shirt off … then attacks him from behind. Oh no, he’s got a turnbuckle … he nails Anderson from behind with it. 

Recap of Thunder Rosa attacking Allysin Kay … with Marti Belle turning on her long time friend. Thunder says a phoenix is returning. We got a women’s tag team match now. Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox v. Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle. This should be a very good match. Kay says she’s gonna whip Rosa’s ass. Belle looking very impressive in this one, dominating Vox. I like this new killer instinct of Belle. Rosa with THUNDEROUS chops on Vox. Kay is relegated to spectator so far in this match.Nice quick tags for Belle & Rosa. Belle jawing at Kay, opens herself to a kick from Vox ... hot tag to Kay. Rights and lefts from both competitors, Rosa is so damn quick. These two are just slugging the shit out of each other.  Someone is coming from the crowd … it’s MELINA!!! Is SHE THE PHOENIX?? It throws Kay off long enough for Rosa to pin the champ. 

Main Event Time. I’m not sure who’s over more. Nick Gage or The Question Mark.  Colt Cabana & Ricky Starks v. Aron Stevens & The Question Mark. Cornette says QM wrestles like a cow on ice. Crowd is very vocal for this match, every time QM does something. Way to much comedy trying to be made by Cornette in this match, totally pulling me away from the action. Stevens kind of pissin’ off QM by tagging himself in . .. QM should probably run for public office in Atlanta. Steven’s is beside himself playing second fittle to QM. We have a combustible situation on our hands. Stevens just MOONED the crowd!! Starks continues to have Steven’s number. 

Starks almost made himself public enemy #1 by trying to unmask Question Mark … this backfires on Starks & Cabana. Stevens & QM tell Marquez that the power of KARATE is what won the match.

James Storm is PISSED off, called the last match BULLSHIT. And my god damn, is this a passionate promo. He slams his fist upon the podium .. Kamille comes out, and whispers something in Storms ear. Storm says “Sorry … bout .. your … damn … luck.”.

RESULTS: Nick Aldis defeats Trevor Murdoch in a NONTITLE match … Ricky Starks win via DQ over The Question Mark ...Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle defeat Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox… Aron Stevens & The Question Mark over Colt Cabana & Ricky Starks 

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