The Krude Experience - Action Part 3

Part 3 - Sweet Addiction

Without a great woman by a man's side, he is nothing. Women complete men. That is fact.

My experience with women started when I was 3 years old. In my Library school class (one of 3 pre schools I went to then) a girl who was a year older took a shine to me. The teacher told my mother about this crush the girl had on me. So my mother brought in a camera one day,told the girl to give me a big hug,and the girl planted a huge smooch instead on young Krude's face. My mom still has the photo. I look shocked and excited at the same time. Kinda how I feel when I meet a new girlfriend. Can't believe my luck on some days with beautiful women.

Fast forward a few decades and I'm 33 years old in 2004. I had just been injured working on a construction site and my left hand was in a cast. I was hanging out at the now defunct Manitoba's Bar on the lower East Side of Manhattan one night with a few friends. Getting plastered on PBR beer and shots of Jack Daniels while figuring out our next move,I spot a cute blonde chick looking at the jukebox in the bar. So Krude being Krude,I made my way towards her. I quickly noticed that she was going to play some Motorhead tunes. So I said hi to her,put a $5 dollar bill into the jukebox and said "Make Lemmy proud with your choice". She laughed, punched in the Motorhead tune Killed By Death and introduced herself. "Hi,I'm Lisa. I'm from LA visiting". "I'm Krude,nice to meet you. Care for a drink?". She orders a Jack and Coke. Very cool. And one for her brunette friend. Even cooler. So I sit down with them and start chatting. My friend Gary sees me with two chicks and makes his way over to our table. More drinks flow. More laughter ensues. And before long Krude and two chicks from LA are back at Gary's apartment. From that point,things get a bit foggy. I do know that both girls passed out naked next to me. Very nice. And since I was healing from an injury, no work the next day. Gary was already gone for work. He called my cell to make sure everything was cool. It was. Life is goooooooood.

Picking up two chicks in a bar at once is always a big rush. Can't say I'm at that level now. That's ok. Other things have my attention these days. And juggling 2 or more chicks is a young man's game. Make me proud you horndog motherfuckers. Just treat the girls with respect at all times. Until she says otherwise. Ha!

Having temporary fun is always fun. But having a special someone to share in the debauchery is way better. My girlfriends since my divorce in 2003 have been cool. But never in on the eternal ride. My choice,not theirs. Mahalo

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