Pro Wrestling's Best Of The Week

This weeks' best of the best is dedicated the memory of Matt Travis. 

The Best of the Week
Date: 11/10/19
Filed by: Dennis D.
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Welcome to the best of the week. We watch a lot of wrestling here at bWb, and this is, in my opinion, the best of the past week.

Male Wrestler of the week:  Cody Rhodes

Rhodes won the world over on Wednesday with one of the moss passionate wrestling promo's you'll ever see on TV. A master course in the art of baby face, Rhodes went on to lose his match with Chris Jericho, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

Female Wrestler of the week: Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa made her long awaited NWA debut by defeating Ashley Vox. Vox was last weeks Female Wrestler of the week. Thunder Rosa also made her MMA debut this weekend, losing by way of decision.

AEW Dynamite  

The "go home" show, as it's termed in wrestling speak was
nothing less than a masterpiece. With Cody's promo of the year
and The InnerCircle's vignette of the year, and the culmination
of everything that's happened over the course of the first month of
TV for AEW ending in a brawl featuring the main story lines of
the company, this was must see tv.

Beyond Wrestling's Uncharted Territory 

The little engine that could just keeps on chugging along putting
out content that very few companies can, on a weekly basis. The Discovery
Gauntlet stole the show for me, with "All Damn Day" O'Shay Edwards impressing
the hell out of me. Can't wait to see more of that dude.

GCW Slime Language 

Any promotion can play hardcore. Very few did it as good as Game Changer.
Anytime you boast a show with Nick Gage, Mance Warner and EFFY on it,
there's no way your getting out death matched.

AEW Full Gear 

Had a ton of potential and in many ways lived up to the potential.
However, my feelings are the MJF turn is too early, they booked
themselves into an impossible out with Rhodes losing and there
wasn't enough women spotlighted on the main show.


I'm still enjoying the show - but some of it's starting to feel really
repetitive. Which makes sense, as they have a limited roster. I'm
really enjoying the dynamic of Nick Aldis pushing Tim Storm to
not retire - I think we're in for a major heel turn; and I'm curious
if Storm can flourish in that role.

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