Review of GCW's "Slime Language"

GCW Presents Slime Language
Live from the Ukranian Culture Center in Los Angeles, CA
(a.k.a. The “White Claw Community Center”)
Streaming on
November 8, 2019

Out of a weekend full of big events, GCW’s “Slime Language” just may be the best one you’ll see. The outlaws were back out on the West Coast for this one, making their return to the beautiful Ukranian Culture Center where back in August the venue previously hosted GCW with “Joey Janela’s Escape from LA”. 
Tonight’s Commentary: Kevin Gill and Shawn Scoville
Shout out to both Shawn and KG for doing a great job on commentary all night! It’s great to have Shawn at the booth for GCW’s West Coast shows as he’s such an entertaining guy to have doing color for the event. Also much love for J-Rose for doing an excellent job announcing the matches.
Match Synopsis:
- Blake Christian vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Eli Everfly vs. Arez vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Alex Zayne
Six man scramble action opened up tonight’s show! Loved seeing my favorites Christian and Zayne in this; lately they’ve been the kings of these scramble matches. I was particularly impressed with Eli Everfly in this one also, good seeing him in the GCW ring and he did “hella” good work in the scramble. Lots of breathtaking spots in this one including Zayne, Everfly, and Christian working together at the beginning to hit a sweet Yoshi Tonic on Jimmy Lloyd. Biggest highlight was Blake Christian hitting a spinning double moonsault(?!!) to the outside on all of the competitors. Christian takes the victory after hitting his beautiful patented move Elia on Jordan Oliver and getting the pinfall win.
- Mance Warner vs. Matthew Justice
Anytime I see the names Mance Warner and Matthew Justice together I get excited, damn it! Tonight was Mancer’s return to the GCW ring after being out of action recovering from a collapsed lung, and he has not showed any signs of slowing down. Second gear, baby! Both Mancer and Justice were ready for the fuckery in this match - action both outside and inside and plenty of plunder from under the ring. We saw Mancer piledrive Justice off a stage through a door, we saw Justice staple Mancer’s tongue to a door, and we saw Mancer staple just about everything to Justice’s head and body (including audience participation where fans ran in the ring to hand Mancer items to staple, LOL). This one has to be seen in order to fully appreciate the craziness. Mancer wins via pinfall after going kneepad up, kneepad down on Justice. Definitely a damn good match to watch over again!

- Chris Bey vs. Tony Deppen
I’m telling you, 2020 will be the year everyone knows the name Chris Bey. He’s wrestled for GCW in previous events (most recently Curtain Call) and has delivered each time. He was in a WWE ring for 205 Live back in October as well. He’s had quite a breakout year and this match against Deppen, in my opinion, was the best of his GCW showings so far. Deppen vs. Bey was outstanding with both competitors looking their best in this bout. I’ve been a strong supporter of Deppen this year and was happy to see him dominant at several points in the match. Bey proved his skills to be legitimate even against the toughest talent and shone right past his opponent’s control, getting the 3-count win after hitting a springboard cutter on Deppen.
- Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Orin Veidt (Deathmatch)
There’s not much more that can be said about this deathmatch other than CAUTION. If you’re the type of fan who’s not into deathmatches but maybe just a little curious...don’t let this match be your first one. Yes, this one got very brutal with light tubes, skewers, doors rigged with knives, and of course, chairs and doors. Without getting into too much gory detail just know that both Sakuda and Veidt went balls to the wall when it came to the violence, and if you’re into some gruesome looking medieval practices, this is the match for you! Sakuda wins after cruxifix-bombing Veidt onto broken glass and getting the pin.
- EFFY vs. Eddie Kingston
Kingston and Daddy put on a banger of a match tonight! I’m enjoying how EFFY’s been showing off his versatility by working with so many different styles of wrestling (and being pretty damn good at each one). I was wondering how he’d do here against the Mad King and I was very satisfied with Daddy indeed - the crowd even divided itself early in the match in firm support of both wrestlers. Kingston has been putting on some of his finest matches lately on the indies; I’ve enjoyed watching him on Uncharted Territory and NWA Powerrr. Great to see him having this well-deserved run and a damn good match against EFFY at Slime Language as well. This one ended in a shocker with EFFY getting the win via submission over Kingston. I was NOT expecting Kingston to tap out, but damn was I happy to be surprised! The match ends with Eddie taking the mic and showing respect to EFFY on a hard-fought victory.
- Chris Dickinson vs. B-Boy
Dirty Daddy went to war with B-Boy at Slime Language and it was great. I have a good time watching people beat each other senseless, and this match fulfilled my expectations. Dickinson and B-Boy kept the action going both outside and inside the ring here, trading stiff punches, slaps, and chops. Shawn Scoville on commentary compared it to Brawl For All, and I agree with the comparison! This match was up there with the Bloodsport bouts, in my opinion. We even get treated to more plunder as Dickinson delivered a powerful suplex to B-Boy right through a door. Dirty Daddy takes the win after a vicious lariat to B-Boy and getting the pin. Hell of a win for Dickinson but also an excellent showing for B-Boy.
- Human Tornado vs. Kikutaro
We needed something fun after the savagery we’ve seen so far at Slime Language, and this match gave us exactly that. Everybody loves Kikutaro, but the Tornado was clearly the crowd favorite tonight. Lots of nice comedy spots here, like Kiku preventing dives to the outside from Tornado by either using a fan as a shield or outright calling for a time-out. Even the ref gets involved in a spot, putting a flying headscissors on Kiku. Tornado gets the victory with a rotating elbow drop.
- Nick Gage vs. Jake Atlas (GCW World Championship Match)
Nick Gage is truly loved in L.A., and you can tell it by the crowd’s reaction to his entrance for this match. He’s mobbed by an overwhelming amount of fans and you can tell he loves them all right back. That sets the tone for the favorite in this main event for Slime Language, which would be local guy Jake Atlas’s farewell to the GCW ring as he has recently signed on with WWE. That’s great for Jake, but he’s still got to take on Nick Gage before he goes to work with the big brand! Both Gage and Atlas got violent in this match with Atlas sending Gage off the ring apron in a Death Valley Driver through a door at one point and Gage hitting a brainbuster on Atlas on top of a broken door at another point. Gage gets the win and retains, but only after having to put Atlas through a lot of hell and two brutal piledrivers. This was a solid main event!
Post-Show Thoughts (Sunday, November 10)
There are those who now say AEW’s Full Gear was one of the better pay per views of the year, but I have to say GCW’s Slime Language delivered much more despite being the lesser known show this past weekend. Full Gear’s main event tried to capture the GCW spirit but for anyone who watched Friday night’s show, we know what the real deal looks like. Slime Language in my opinion was the weekend’s most entertaining pay-per-view.

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