The Krude Experience - Action Part 2


Part 2- The Thrill is Gone
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Sports will play a large part of a child's formative years if the child wants it that way. Organized sports are found in virtually every town and city. Most kids play sports until high school. Some will even get to play at a university level. And the true freaks of physical nature will make it to the pros. The harsh reality for most of the world is that our playing days of organized ball ends by the time we get our dick wet or pussy stuffed for the first time.

When the playing days end,so does a large part of adrenalized fun. People systematically get college diplomas and start off into their independent life. Career.Marriage.Children.Property ownership. Etc...Then soon find out that something is missing from their seemingly complete and perfect lives.


Can't play sports anymore. Sex isn't what it was with the spouse. Friends have moved to different time zones. Television has become the ONLY form of entertainment.


Has to be more to life than this. There is:


Watching my old man gamble on sports and casino games was something I saw from a very early age. He taught me how to count cards playing blackjack. How to deal cards from bottom of the deck. Typical father/son activities in my house growing up. It never occurred to me then that he just wanted to feel a rush. The rush of adrenaline that comes with winning a bet.

In January 1988, the Super Bowl was being played. Broncos vs Redskins. I was a senior in high school and working 6 days a week at one of my father's restaurants. The friday before the big game,my old man took me aside when I came into work and handed me a $100 bill. I looked at him kinda puzzled. Then he said "keep an eye on the joint this weekend for me. I'm going to Vegas. Be back Monday night". Ok. No problem. I ended up using that C note for Guns N'Roses tickets in NYC. The Ritz show MTV played to death back then.

When he came back from Vegas,he was in a very good mood. Came up to me in the restaurant kitchen and handed me $500. "What's this for?" I ask. He said " Thank Doug Williams for it". Williams was the Redskins QB that was MVP of the game. "I won $43k on those Hogs". He brought it all home in cash. I was impressed. Not sure what I specifically did with 5 Benjis. I do know it went towards booze, broads and betting. Like father. Like son. Godspeed Lenny. You fucking asshole.

I'm 49 years old now. Not much of me has changed over time. I will always have an eye for beautiful women, the stiffest of drinks and a winning hand of poker. Give me a piece of the action every time. Thank you very little. Cheers!

Do Not Pass line for life!


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